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Dear Freedom Friend,

"The Doggy Bone" is my online newsletter, published on an as-needed basis, typically once a month.

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In this newsletter, I share my thoughts and ideas on how you can manage your life for the enjoyment of the maximum freedom, regardless the attempts of "the big guys" and your government to make you conform to what they want you to do...

A lot of the articles come to life as responses to questions and concerns I get from the subscribers about all kinds of problems relating to using International legal entities for managing your financial affairs.

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In "The Doggy Bone", I will particularly include articles on:

  • How you can get affordable legal advice and protect your rights.

  • How you can protect your business from getting into legal touble.

  • How you can curb your liability by using corporations, both Nationally and Internationally.

  • How you can protect your assets by using Trusts.

  • How you can secure your privacy and keep snoopers out of your financial affairs, including your government.

  • How you can resist your government's control over you - and possibly fight back without risking trouble....

  • How you can use international legal entities to eliminate your incomes taxes on business profits, capital gain, investment proceeds, etc.

If you want to check some samples of what to expect, here are three links to some typical issues:

Why you should subscribe?

The main reason should be that you value personal freedom and want to protect your legal rights and your ability to make your own decisions, without being "protected" and controlled by your government, for the main purpose of exploiting you with taxes!

It is so easy to feel intimidated when someone stronger that you uses power to make you do what they want - whether or not it is your own best interest. But, when that power is primarily of negative character, working by threatening you with inpleasant consequences if you do not comply, then it truly is extortion. Freedom is not compatible with giving in to extortion. Fundamental human rights are all characterized by being for everybody! If you want to claim a right, which you are unwilling to let other people enjoy too, then that "right" is not a right, but a privilege....

History has given us many revolutions that all were about the masses objecting to priviliges held by and misused by a powerful elite. Most times, that elite was represented by government, ruling by delegating power and giving privileges to certain groups (nobelmen, church, military, political elite, etc.) who abused that power to make gains for themselves at the expense of the people, in a greedy quest for more power.

There really is no fundamental difference between corporate America and the French nobelmen before the big revolution: access to justice is only for those that can afford a lawyer; freedom from taxation is only for those who can afford to organize their business multinationally; the public servants are more interested in their own power and job security than in the people's prosperity; the people have no way of influencing the way the country is governed; the government no longer respects its own fundamental constitution on which its power is built.

My objective is this: to help you access the same powers as the "privileged" have, and to help you make yourself invulnerable to your government's control and exploitation.

Will your government like this? Will it approve of it?

Certainly not! But, what matters is not what your government likes. What matters is what it can do to hurt you - and what you can do to avoid suffering any damage from it using its powers against you. If you want the government's blessings for your avoiding its control of you, I suggest you just accept your destiny as a loyal peasant, pay your taxes, and forget about this "freedom thing"... it is not for you then.

If this did not offend you but you actually feel it could make sense, then I will welcome you as subscriber!

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But I warn you: you might be ticked off by my strong opinions once in a while... I have been through a lot - and a lot of things that are very different from what most people ever get to experience. And I do have a scientific education, as well as a strong military and commercial background, so I have learned to use information and use it critically. Besides, I am not afraid of speaking my mind! But let me know why you disagree - and I will be happy to learn from you, if your experience makes sense also to me!

As a matter of fact, this has ben one of my most powerful ways of improving my own understanding of these issues...

However, if your main objective is to find out how you can find a quick-fix to reduce your income taxes, without you having to spend any time on studying the rules of this game or to spend any money on the tools you need to win it, then you might find "The Doggy Bone" very annoying... You see, I love freedom and privacy more than money and convenience - and if you don't, you will hate me because I might tell you stuff you don't like to hear!

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As you may have figured, "The Doggy Bone" comes in HTML format, pretty much like this web page. I want to be able to include links and pictures and graphical illustrations to help you understand, if/when I need it. I am not a fancy designer and I will not make flash presentations that take forever to load. But I will occationally use graphics and pictures when it serves a good communication purpose.

Also, I think you should know that "The Doggy Bone" is not a standard on-line e-zine, filled with advertising for stuff you don't want. I do not accept third party advertising in it at all! From time to time, I will refer you to links that pertain to matters we discuss, and I might also be happy to recommend something you can buy and use for the purpose of helping you obtain freedom - if I believe it has good value! But "The Doggy Bone" is not opening its columns for general advertising. There is enough of that on the Internet...


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