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2007 MAR 05

Investment Incubator - protecting an immature investment by letting it pay for its own protection out of funds that are not yet available...

Long term solutions - filling in the vacuum with new suppliers...

In memory of "President's Day" in the USA.... - some reflections on an e-mail from an American friend...

New Preamble to the US Constitution? - discussing the core of the reason for society not working as it was intended to work...

P.S. Notice of update of home-study course - and announcement of a live version coming up in Canada til Spring and in Denmark this summer
2006 DEC 05

Dealing with dormant investments - a solution is ready for those who want to protect a HYIP investment in time, before the tax liability sets in...

Long term solutions - filling in the vacuum with new suppliers...

Is this legal? - some considerations of moral and political issues in leu of "legal" and "right"...

Some consequences of this trend... - the ethical dilemma between obeying a corrupt and despotic government that goes past its legitimate powers and seeking freedom...

P.S. Notification to AAMI clients
2006 NOV 05

Short notice of the status of things, referring to AAMI in particular, and their recent changes of client service policies.

2006 MAR 04

Using charities to receive funds - and use them tax-free - not straightforward, but possible, with adequate legal advice...

Ownership registration of HYIP interests - why you don't need to worry if the people you got the investment with do not want you to change ownership in their files, after you sold your investment interest...

Price reduction on AAMI Limited Trusts - Prices lowered $100!

P.S. Future travel assignments.
2005 NOV 24

Thoughts on Thanksgiving - protecting the freedom we still have...

Being rich is tough... - why you must protect your assets before you create them...

Secrecy or privacy? - Do you surrender to the government's scaremonger - or do you still want your freedom?

P.S. Travel plans for Europe in January/February.
2005 SEP 13

What is important? - dealing with emergency and disaster, in a competent way or in accordance with the rules for routine administration...

When following the rules and obeying orders is not commendable... - setting priorities....

Should you join this investment program - or should you set up your Trust? - another situation where setting priorities first is important...

What kind of structure is right for you? - the old quesion of evasion and avoidance, applied on asset protection also; why you should not invest until you have your structure established!

Acknowledgement from the big guys - now having Prosper International Limited and Alliance Asset Management International sell my e-books and courses from their web shop.

But it is getting even better... - endorsement of "Trusting the Trustee...?" from Jay and Pierre Gauthier, Managing Directors of AAMI.

2005 AUG 14

Burying The American Dream of Freedom - condolences to the people of the USA for the Patriot Act.

Trustee the Trustee...? - introducing the new e-book about how you can protect yourself against being conned into a scam. Less than half price for subscribers!

Introducing Alliance Asset Management International - your Trustee-to-be.

New great rules for Limited Trusts - some great news about possibly using Limited Trusts for asset protection, within certain limitations, but great for starters!

More good news.... - especially for those who got strained for cash because their investment got frozen....

Voice/chat room conference on August 21 - announcing a free conference on HYIP and how you can protect them.

P.S. Reminder of "Meeting the Editor" on September 3 and 8 in Novasol's Voice/Chat Room.

2005 AUG 14

Burying The American Dream of Freedom - condolences to the people of the USA for the Patriot Act.

Trustee the Trustee...? - introducing the new e-book about how you can proetct yourself against being conned into a scam. Less than half price for subscribers!

Introducing Alliance Asset Management International - your Trustee-to-be.

New great rules for Limited Trusts - some great news about possibly using Limited Trusts for asset protection, within certain limitations, but great for starters!

More good news.... - especially for those who got strained for cash because their investment got frozen....

Voice/chat room conference on August 21 - announcing a free conference on HYIP and how you can protect them.

P.S. Reminder of "Meeting the Editor" on September 3 and 8 in Novasol's Voice/Chat Room.

2005 JUL 07

Fighting government abuse - how your freedom constantly is getting eroded.

The historical perspective - the unpleasant lessons from the past, which are not to be ignored if you want to avoid violence and blood shedding.

Letter from your bank in Latvia? What happens when you rely on another government....

What is the solution? - organizing your affairs in PRIVACY, instead of relying of governments' promises of confidentiality.

A serious offer... Combining education with a practical tool to get started on protecting your investments.

P.S. Introducing Novasol's new Voice/Chat Room.

2005 MAR 04

New face for "The Doggy Bone" - announcing list cleaning and mandatory re-subscription for everyone who wants to continue subscribing. Re-subscription at Subscribers that do not re-subscribe will be deleted.

Affiliate program installed - introducing Novasol's new affiliate program: sign-up is free at

Is a Foundation better than a Trust? - comparing the two different "Uncles" that work on very different principles, but with pretty much the same result.

P.S. Introducing a neat little package for cash-strained investors to solve the ownership problem and get some tax deductions.

2004 DEC 09

Why waiting is dangerous - serious comments on how you deal with foreign investments made in your own name...

Getting out of the trap again, before it catches you... - why getting your Uncle Offshore established NOW is crucial.

Summing up your options - what you can do, legally, with that foreign investment, particularly if you are a US citizen....

A Christmas present for you and your Uncle Offshore....

2004 SEP 21

Problems with spam - and new contact procedure

A story about US tax laws - and the courts... - the Kuglin case in Tennessee proving that US citizens do not have any legal obligation to pay federal income tax on domestic income...

Panama Private Interest Foundations - introducing a viable alternative to the Offshore Trust.

PS. Reminder of the "ownership trap" for HYIPs.....
2004 SEP 10

Receiving money from investment programs - watch the ownership trap!

Indirect control - leverage through others - how you control without having ownership.

How it works in practice - how you benefit from making your "Uncle" filthily rich.....

PS. Reminder of affiliate program.
2004 AUG 12

Government compliance - why your government doesn't like that you take your assets and income offshore.

The powers of your government... - the dangerous trap called "your tax return".

How you fight back - by avoiding open confrontation on the terms of the one that has the most power.

Is your freedom worth it? - pros and cons of obtaining financial freedom.

PS. Un-official introduction of affiliate program.
2004 FEB 13

The Pet Door project - an invitation to join a lucrative investment project offshore.

Why you will not have to pay income tax on the dividends from the Pet Door Project... - the principles for tax-free investment returns.

Where is the limit? - the important difference between "approved by the government" and "legal".

PS. Reminder of free teleconference calls.
2003 OCT 05

Special invitation to T. Harv Eker's seminar - FREE!

PS. Reminder of free teleconference calls.
2003 OCT 01

Key questions relating to your personal rights of freedom in your country - the legal rights that are important for you to enjoy financial freedom offshore.

Some specific warnings that must alert you - typical laws that abuse your fundamental rights.

The personal challenges by going offshore - avoiding being suspected for terrorist activity.

The terrorist threat from your government - making sure you have your paperwork in order.

Stupid "ownership behavior" - the dangerous vanity trap that catches many offshore novices.

Resisting the government's false propaganda - and why you cannot "play fair" with your government.

Your rights to privacy - and what you don't need to tell your government...

What it takes to create an offshore existence - using an Offshore Trust as your ally.

Learning more about this - introducing teleconference calls - free, as introduction!

PS. Overview of links to educational materials
2003 AUG 27

Forest fire "knock-out".

More real estate business - turning a mortgage into a tax-deductible business expense...

So, what does it take to take advantage of this principle? - Answer: a desire to make 233% ROI.

Summer deal for the taxman... - how you get the taxman to pay the lion's part of your Offshore Trust...

PS. Getting cash out of a no-money-down deal...
PPS. Get an offer on your mortgage from your previous home
2003 JULY 10

Reminder of deadline for "Freedom Celebration Offer".

2003 JUNE 30

Announcing Freedom Celebration offer.

"When government kills initiative and prosperity" - true story from Naples, Florida.

"Internet income" - introducing Auto Web Law to protect your on-line business from being shut down by the FTC.

"Real estate investments" - protecting your current assets by borrowing money!

"Passive income sources" - make tax-free money with your Trust!

"Freedom celebration offer for subscribers of "The Doggy Bone"" - unprecedented time limited offer to have the taxman pay for establishing a Foreign Grantor Trust for you!

PS. about upgrading your Trust later.
2003 MAY 26

Rescuing a taxman (joke)

"Incorporating your business..." - beware of Nevada, go to Wyoming!

"The background for PPL's "Business Owners Legal Solutions Plan" (BOLSP)". - protecting and growing your business through access to expert advice and services

"Expert advice from" - the coverage you get with BOLSP.

"The legal services of BOLSP" - the coverage you get with BOLSP.

"Do you seriously dare to say "no"?" - the incredible price of the BOLSP....

PS. about rating The Doggy Bone at Cumuli Ezine Finder.
2003 APR 18

Trusting politicians

"Reducing your income taxes" - the importance difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance, or between crime and civil rights.

"Having a second business abroad" - a legitimate way to reduce the income taxes of your current business

"Control versus ownership" - respecting the laws of your country - and being smarter than your government, following Rockefeller's example

"Is it risky?" - what you do when the answer is "yes"...

"Educating yourself first" - the only diligent way of dealing with risk.

PS. about selling your mortgage from a past real estate transaction for cool cash now.
2003 FEB 14

Moving of Canadian offices to Kamloops, BC

"Legal protection - and why you need it" - a very common risk very few people respect, until it is too late....

"The Pre-Paid Legal solution..." - the solution that independent consumer organizations claim should be used by 85% of North American families - yet only 1% currently do, mostly because most people don't even know about it.

"My personal experiences as a PPL member" - just a list of personal experiences you might relate to...

PS. about US citizens moving to Canada - and how they can do that.
2003 JAN 14

New Years greeting - and introduction of Mogens Eliasen's new e-book "Making Yourself Financially Invulnerable"

"Protecting your assets" - an overview of possible enemies you should consider protecting your assets against - before it is too late....

"Your "almighty" government...." - why your government can become one of your most powerful and dangerous enemies - without your doing anything wrong!

"Your hidden creditors...." - the possible creditors you might have or might be "blessed" with sometime in the future; know what to look for and what your protection strategies should be!

PS. about also using the law pro-actively to protect yourself - introducing Pre-Paid Legal and articles to come about this.
2002 OCT 21

"What if you don't have a business and have no cash..." - how you can make money by simply trading securities with your Offshore Trust - as a private person.

"The November 11 offer..." - comments about tax planning for the year 2003; if you want the benefits from an Offshore Trust, you must have it established before the end of the end - otherwise, you cannot make any tax deductions until next year.

PS. about a grand piano offer.

More about personal experiences with JUVIO - the 24/7 solution to computer tech assistance - globally.
2002 OCT 06

"Get paid for learning!" - offer to make a $50.99 net profit from receiving Mogens Eliasen's on-line course "Setting Up Your business For Financial Freedom" free of charge before November 11, 2002.

"Using your Offshore Trust to do business with" - real-life examples illustrating how you can generate perfectly legal tax write-offs by doing business with your Offshore Trust. Because the Trust does not pay income tax on its profits, the net result for you and your Trust combined is a net cash profit that equals the size of the write-off!

"Your ultimate protection..." - why your creditors cannot touch you if you have your assets all residing in the ownership of your Offshore Trust. You can, in reality, "start over" by declaring bankruptcy - and lose absolutely nothing!

"Are you brave enough to ignore this?" - why economic recession is the time where you really need to consider if you can afford not to have an Offshore Trust to protect your family against "bad luck" in business..

PS. about paying fees to the Trustee for getting documents signed.

PPS. about starting with a simple PIL PLUS Trust to obtain the tax benefits that most likely will more than pay for the cost of establishing it.
2002 SEP 23

Editor's personal note on September 11.

"Protecting yourself and your family" - how the new "anti-terrorist laws" strip you of civil rights, and what you can do about it.

"Not being mistaken for a criminal" - comments to another "government crime warning site" listing cases of fraudulent use of corporations as "trusts".

"The ownership issue" - why you cannot own your Trust if you want to benefit from it.

"The control issue" - how you control your Trust without owning it.

Introducing JUVIO, an "extended warranty service" for computers.

2002 SEP 09

"How to get rich" - a cute story....

"Desire for change" - why we are comfortable being abused...

"Is life with your "Rich Uncle" scary?" - response to an e-mail from a subscriber, addressing some legitimate concerns.

"Government control" - some scare perspectives of the "anti-terrorist" legislation!

"Divide and rein!" - how PIL solves the problem of government control through International diversification.

"Trusting PIL" - some very strong reasons for having more faith in PIL's motivation for doing a diligent job as Trustee than in your government's quest for respecting your rights...

Don't be short on knowledge about your rights! Make sure you have an attorney to consult!

2002 AUG 06 "Life with an Offshore Trust", featuring:
  • Your "Rich Uncle"
  • "It's in the wife's name"...
  • Programming that lasts
  • Protecting yourself and your family where no insurance will
  • Life is risky!
  • A double-layered protection
  • You remain responsible for your own life...

Getting yourself a PPL membership

2002 JULY 15 Reminder of Freedom Celebration Offer
How "The Doggy Bone" comes to your mailbox...
Back issues on-line - announcement

"A horror story with a bad ending" - the risky side of Offshore investment

"Another story with a less bad ending" - what you should expect from a Trustee...

"The morals from the two stories" - how you minimize your risk.

PS. About houseboat vacation for sale

2002 JULY 04

"Celebration of Freedom" - good reasons to celebrate!

"Freedom Celebration Offer" - $250 tax-free gift offer to new Trusts.

2002 JULY 01

"Using false information in order to obtain tax benefits" - comments to case of fraud in Vancouver, BC.

"Trying to hide yourself behind anonymity" - why staying away from crime takes more than an anonymous debit card...

2002 JUNE 01

Features of new web site - free downloads of e-book.

"MasterCard and American Express" - comments to their voluntary agreement with the IRS and why it does not affect PILL members.

"Anti-terrorist legislation" - its threats to our fundamental rights, and what you can do to protect yourself.

2002 MAY 03

Introducing new web site - correcting technical glitch.

2002 MAY 01

"Free Bonus to current subscribers"

"PILL Debit Cards" - introducing new benefit from PILL.

"PILL Freedom Cards" - new feature: up to 4 cards with different names per Trust.

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Introducing the newsletter.

Introducing our Referral Program (later substituted with the more extensive affiliate program.)

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