Protect your
from taxation

If you are engaged in trading activities like these:

  • Securities (stocks and bonds)
  • Precious metals
  • Gambling and betting
  • Venture capital investments
you also know about capital gain taxes and income taxes on dividends and profits...

Even if you trade from a foreign bank account through a foreign broker, you are still liable for reporting your profits to your government when tax returns are due. However, if you are trading as an agent on behalf of a foreign legal entity, you are not liable for any taxes on such profits....

With an offshore trading account, you can invest in virtually anything from almost any exchange that is trading Internationally. You can invest in mutual funds, all kinds of stocks, bonds, and currencies, and you can invest in all kinds of opportunities that never get advertised to the public, because they are too good...

You can also sell securities and transfer the funds to an account owned by an offshore entity, from where you can access them personally if/when you wish to do so.

You can finally use funds from entity's trading account to invest in projects that are looking for venture capital.

Here is the outline for what you should do to keep your trading and investment profits free of taxation:
  1. Familiarize yourself with how the offshore legal entities work, particularly the Offshore Trust.

    For your general overview of what is involved in the International investment platform you will need, you should check at least the following information on this site:

  2. When done, you should then sign up for our free information about the concept for how you can eliminate tax liability on your proceeds from trading and investments, by working from the basis of an Offshore Trust.

    These free e-mails will explain to you what you need to do and why. They will also cover:
    • How you conduct your trading activities and your investments so that they do not refer to your name.
    • What it takes for you to avoid tax liability.
    • What you need offshore - and how you must go about getting it set up
    • How you get the additional education you will need.

    Seriously, there is lot for you to know before you can enjoy the full benefits of managing your financial affairs from the base of an offshore entity. If you don't know the specifics of the tools you are going to use to achieve your tax freedom, you will not achieve it. So, if you haven't signed up yet for this information, you should do it now!

  3. Remember we are here to help you understand this stuff and how you can use it, so you can set it up with the features you need...

    You need to cpmprehend that we can only provide information and tools. You need to learn how to use those tools for your own benefit before you will receive any value from them.

  4. Use the offshore entity's trading account as you would use a trading account in your own name!

    Through your offshore entity's broker, you can now have any transactions done as you wish. And the transactions will remain a completely private matter between you, the entity, your broker, and the entity's offshore bank!

    The benefits you can achieve go far beyond simply eliminating taxation of your investment profits when you start to understand the true legal power of the concept.

There are some pitfalls in this, and many challenges, but there are logical answers to all questions! However, without understanding them fully before you start re-organizing the way you conduct your financial activities, you are very likely heading for some unnecessary trouble...

The good news is that it does not take a genius to do this. Any investor who can make profits from financial transactions, and who is open-minded enough to learn about some concepts you cannot learn in any public school, can learn to do it... From there, it is a matter of financially sound money management!

Did you remember to sign up for our free additional information?

Be aware that it is important that you use an offshore entity as the owner of all offshore accounts - otherwise you would incur liability to your government for reporting the transactions if they are doomed subject to taxation in any way. If you simply open a bank account in a foreign country, you are liable for reporting it to your government, whether or not you believe your government will ever have a chance to find out!


If you have a current legal problem or an unresolved legal issue pending a solution (regardless its nature!), help from the most competent network of attorneys in North America is less than $50 away! Please check the details of Pre-Paid Legal's incredible membership service before you say you cannot afford to protect your legal rights!

Did you sign up for the free information about
the concept for how to keep your wise investments free of taxation?
If not yet, please go to the sign-up form now!

(If you don't you instantly loose all rights you thought you had
to complain about paying taxes on your investment proceeds...)

When you start your due diligence for "going offshore", you will most likely run into expert advice like this:

"First of all, you need to find the right jurisdiction for establishing your offshore entities. You must find a country that has a politically stable government and a sound financial infrastructure."

Well, this person is for sure not controlling any assets offshore!

The advice is based on a wrong paradigm: that you need to move your assets overseas in order to "go offshore". Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The assets that matter the most to you are most likely those you have in your own country! And that's where they should be, so you can control them, use them, and enjoy them!

The last countries on the Planet where you want your assets located are the countries where your offshore entities are established or managed from...

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