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With the new panic laws particularly in the UK and the USA about "terrorist protection", protection of your privacy is more than a luxury. It could become the difference between your spending your life in freedom or in jail! Those laws are in fundamental violation of the constitutional rights to freedom, supposedly to be enjoyed by people in North America - for which millions have died in wars against regimes that did not allow their citizens such fundamental rights...

The issue is far from restricted to communication with people in foreign countries. It is a matter of the government taking the right to enter your premises when you are not there (without notifying you) and confiscating documents and "evidence" as they please - for crimes you are not even entitled to know the charges for! One of the most fundamental civil rights would be that you have a right to know exactly what the charges are against you. Straight next to that comes your right to a decent defense, which most definitely should include your right to seek advice. And being able to discuss your situation with a qualified attorney without having your conversations with your legal defense made subject to new charges or new "evidence" against you!

This is exactly what the communist regimes have done all the time - and this is exactly what the "Free World" has been fighting for so many years! Obviously, there is no "free world" anymore. All it took for a few terrorists was a few attacks with civil airplanes on civil buildings in the USA, and as the dust settles, our fundamental freedom rights are being reduced, exactly as it started for the Jews under the Nazi regime.

The September 11 event was indeed cruel and tragic, and the effect on the families involved was devastating - but compared to the damage totalitarian regimes have caused in the course of history, this is a very tiny episode that absolutely does not justify such political overreaction! How many million lives have been sacrificed by corrupt and powerful governments for no other reason than securing their own powers? And how many lives has humankind paid for freedom so far?

Our politicians, who were elected to PROTECT OUR FREEDOM, took it away! You cannot defend yourself against charges you are not entitled to know, and you cannot hope for a fair trial when your opponent has the right to use "secret evidence" you don't get to know about!

The question is, "what can you do about this?"

There are two things to do:
  1. Work politically to change that madness.

  2. Protect yourself against the possible consequences, until political decency is re-established.
The first point is up to you. Please choose your own ways, but don't be passive! The politicians might think they do this to protect you, but it is not a very intelligent way of protecting our fundamental rights to freedom! One way of protecting your freedom rights is to support those who fight for them, for instance the
American Civil Liberty Association
125 Broad Street, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10004.

From their web site (click on the name), you can subscribe to their alerts, which generally are followed by links to petitions that are easy to sign and support online. (If you know of any similar organizations in other countries, please let us know and we will be happy to link to them from this site.)

For Canadians, Canadian Action Party/Parti Action Canadienne is the only relevant place to go. You can contact its leader, Constance (Connie) Fogal at: 604 872 2128 or through the web site.

The second issue is not impossible for you to deal with. At least, you can reduce the chances of anybody finding anything that could be used against you. You have to know that it does not help you that you have counter-evidence or proof of your innocence, if you never get a chance to know the charges against you! The only protection you have is to meticulously destroy all kinds of evidence that possibly could be used against you by giving somebody the idea that you could be connected with terrorists or criminals or be a terrorist or criminal yourself.

Good news: In regards to your dealings with your offshore entities, there is nothing illegal in having an Offshore Trust or an International Business Corporation, and nothing illegal in communicating with them, so you could choose to do nothing about it. However: You might occasionally have business to transact which you don't feel comfortable about anybody knowing only a fraction about - a fraction that could be mistaken for evidence of you being connected with terrorist organizations. Since you cannot know which fraction could possibly end up in the wrong place, your best defense is to make sure that any such fraction becomes zero...

Here are the measures you can use to protect yourself:
  1. Store your certificates of custody in a safe, but store nothing else!

    This means that you keep no paperwork about your dealings with your offshore entities. You don't need it - and they don't need it! The information you need is all available on-line, through secured servers, accessible only by you.

  2. Do not use the phone!

    If you want to communicate verbally, set up a SKYPE account - it is free. And all communication is encrypted.

  3. Use secured e-mail for communication with your offshore contacts!

    Before you establish any offshoer connections, make sure that the people you depend on do provide such a service.

    You can also set up a free hushmail account, which is an e-mail account, like a yahoo or hotmail account, but it is 100% PGP encrypted!

  4. Use fax as the alternative if you cannot use secured e-mail!

    Do remember to destroy the papers afterwards! And: you don't send sensitive faxes from your own phone line! You can take your fax to a professional service and send it from there, so the foreign fax number does not appear on your telephone bill...

  5. Don't have faxes sent to you on your own phone number.

    Sign up for one of the free Internet services that allows you to receive faxes as attachments to e-mail; these services will receive your faxes through a telephone number in another state and send you an e-mail to notify you that you have a fax waiting. Some of them (like CallWave) even attach the fax to the e-mail so you can print it outright away. You should check that they don't make back-ups, but most of them operate the same way as an ISP, so there are no back-ups.

    For a free Internet fax service, you can
    check CallWave's "FaxWave".

  6. Get a "clean-up" program for your computer that will eliminate not only the files you deleted, but also the secret automatic back-ups your Windows program makes without giving you access to neither see them nor delete them!

    These secret back-ups can only be accessed by professional hackers - but there are many of them in the government's service. You don't want them to come unannounced one day and make a copy of your hard-drive while you are either not there or you are forced to witness the whole thing in hand-cuffs....

    There are many "clean-up" programs for hidden files on the market, and many of them do not do a reliable job, so watch it! We recommend you check out the British "Evidence Eliminator".

Don't use the phone for sensitive communications! Even when you have nothing to hide, this will only be evident when the entire truth is known - and you have no guarantee that this will ever happen! You have seen often enough on TV and in movies that you have no privacy on your telephone - please learn that lesson - it is harsh reality now also for non-criminals that just want to avoid being mistaken for "one of the bad guys"!


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