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In general, you cannot get information about other people's bank accounts or credit cards - and you shouldn't. But if you are the Government, you can! As a matter of fact, all banks in North America and most countries in Europe and Asia are obliged by law to report all transactions on your accounts to the government!

Call it freedom and right to privacy - it is a myth!

But there are countries that will respect your privacy! Some of these countries even go to the point of enforcing legislation that demands from their banks that they conduct their business for you in complete confidentiality, as long as you are not a resident of that country.

Although you do your business in another country, you will still have to claim your personal assets and income from foreign countries on your tax returns, if you are a US citizen. Even if you consider your government's chances of ever finding out as very slim or close to none, you would be in breach of the laws in your country by hiding it. Please don't - it is an unnecessary risk. There are completely legal ways leading to the same goal.

If you use an offshore entity, like a Trust or Foundation, appropriaetly, you have no legal obligation to report any financial transactions of that offshore entity to anybody! Since you do not own it, you are legally not responsible for what it does - it is "none of your business" and it is nobody's business to try to make you think it is!

You can open a credit card or a debit card account (or any other bank account) with an offshoer entity as the owner - in an offshore bank that will and must respect your privacy - by virtue of law in its own country! You then conduct all your business through these accounts, on behalf of your offshore entity. This way, your name will not appear on any transactions that will be reported to your governments or the credit bureaus - or to anyone else, for that matter.

As long as you do business in your own name (or in the name of a company that is owned by you or in the name of a Trust or Foundation that was established by you), none of your transactions will remain a private matter, unless you choose to operate under false identity. There is no need for that. You can legally achieve the same privacy and confidentiality by using an Offshore Trust/Foundation as the base of your financial transactions.

Here is the outline for what you should do in order to effectively protect your financial privacy:

  1. Make sure your communications are safe and secure. With their new "anti-terrorist" legislation, the USA and the UK are now allowing themselves to use "good old" KGB methods to control their citizens... Although you might be stripped of some freedoms, you are not stripped of powers to do something about it. There are ways of protecting the privacy of your communications!

  2. Familiarize yourself with what an Offshore Trust is and how it works. (You can, for everything relating to a Trust on this page, likewise use a Foundation - but a Foundation is generally a more expensive solution, and not recommended as your first offshore entity, unless you have very strong reasons for doing it.)

    For your general overview of what is involved in the set-up you will need, you should check at least the following information on this site:

  3. When done, you should then sign up for our free information about the concepts behind an Offshore Trust and how you can use one to effectively protect your financial privacy and your assets.

    These free e-mails will explain to you what you need to do and why. They will also cover:
    • How you secure your assets, so you will lose nothing in a personal bankruptcy.
    • How you transfer assets to your Trust.
    • How you obtain complete privacy around your financial affairs - with no obligations to report them to anybody.
    • How you get the most out of your accountant and your attorney.
    • How you secure your loved ones.

    Although the concept in principle is simple, it also does take that you understand quite a lot about the law and the way an Offshore Trust works, before you stand to fully enjoy the benefits of having one. It is therefore very important to us that you fully understand how everything works, before you go ahead and make some decisions that may not be wise for you.... So, if you haven't signed up yet for this free information, you should do it now!

  4. Whenever you have any questions, you connect with us! We are here to help you to the answers you need in order to get it all established - with the features you need...

  5. We hope you understand that we can only provide information and tools. You need to learn how to use those tools for your own benefit before you will receive any value from them. It is like buying a vehicle - you still need to drive it yourself in order to get anywhere...

  6. Once you have your Offshore Trust running for you, with the accounts you need, you conduct all your financial affairs in the name of your Trust.

    You act as the custodian of its assets, with due respect for the law, both in your own country and in the countries where you have your Offshore Trust is established. Since your Trust is established in a country that grants it the freedom from even reporting what is going on its accounts, your transactions are subject to complete confidentiality, secured by law and observed by both the Trust administration, the offshore bank, and the government of the offshore country itself.

  7. Initially, you must transfer funds and assets to the Trust.

    You can send checks or international money orders made payable to the Trust. If you have funds coming from trading activities or investments you do on behalf of your Trust, you can use such funds directly - without them ever touching any registered bank account in your own country.

  8. You then have the Trust transfer funds to offshore accounts you can access on behalf of your Trust, as you need it.

  9. Use your Trust's credit card or debit card as you would use any other credit card or debit card in your own name!

    By using the cards that are issued in the name of your Trust, through an offshore bank, you can now have about the transactions be a completely private matter between you, your Trust, and your offshore bank!

Establishing and using an Offshore Trust is not complicated - once you understand the concepts behind, so you don't put yourself into trouble that could have been completely avoided. You will need to discuss the transfer of assets to your Trust with your accountant and with your attorney.

The accountant, to make sure that you take full advantage of the tax benefits you can obtain by using your rights to tax-write-offs on losses.

The attorney, to make sure that you are not causing any legal problems for yourself by doing so.

The good news is that it does not take a genius to use an Offshore Trust - it takes a person who is financially responsible, and who is open-minded enough to learn about some concepts you cannot learn in any public school... From there, it is a matter of sound money management and legal logic!

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Be aware that it is important that you use the Trust as the owner of your offshore accounts - otherwise you would incur liability to your government for reporting the transactions if they are doomed subject to taxation in any way. If you simply open a bank account in a foreign country, you might be liable for reporting it to your government, whether or not you believe your government will ever have a chance to find out! (If you live in the USA or are a US citizen, you are liable!)


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