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A lot of people complain about taxes. Taxes have been the major cause of many revolts, revolutions, and civil disobedience actions throughout history. The USA was founded on a tax revolt. The only serious "competitor", in terms of the aggression it causes, is religion...

The origin of taxes is really simple. The King/State/Government needs money to finance common goods for the citizens of the country. Examples are schools, roads, postal services, defense, medical facilities, social services, etc. All of those cost money that goes beyond what an individual can afford - and can retain a private interest in paying for. But we all have a vested interest in those facilities and services being in place and managed - for the benefit of all of us.

The disputes always arise from disagreements about who is to contribute how much and from the way the government administers the money. Those are purely political issues. You have a right to your opinion, and hopefully, you live in a country where you also have a right to vote that opinion on election day.

We are not opposed to taxes, and we recommend that you pay your share in accordance with the laws in your country. If you don't like those laws, you have some political work ahead of you in order to get them changed, but we do not condone breaking the laws as an acceptable way of changing them.

Having said that, we also admit to being vehemently opposed to governments taxing prosperity. More about this on our mission page.

Your personal income is subject to taxation, by law - in almost all countries. You even have a legal obligation to report your personal income to your government, so the taxes can be levied in accordance with the laws in your country. Now, your government's abilities to control your honesty might be limited. But your responsibility for reporting the truth anyway is not, and you can be facing fraud charges and prison terms by being purposely dishonest about this....

But there is good news: You have a legal right, at least in all western countries, to organize your affairs in such a way that you minimize your due taxes, even if those transactions do not have any other purpose from your side than reducing your tax liability!

The most effective way of doing this is to organize your life in such a way that you do not depend on salary or pensions as your income sources. With those income sources, you are trapped, in terms of taxation. The government holds the thick end of the rope here, because it allows the payer of those salaries/pensions to deduct the expense from their own taxable income! This gives your employer/pension-fund a very strong reason to report those transactions - or even withhold your taxes on behalf of the government and pay them for you before you ever see that money.....

Here are your options for what you can do in order to protect your Personal Income from taxation:

  1. You can "use the system" to create as many and as big tax deductions you want.

    Most of those cost money, though, so your tax benefit will generally always be lower than your expense. But you can at least make sure that you are not cheating yourself. This is where you need the service of a good accountant. We shall be happy to connect to some of sharpest accountants on the North American continent - just go directly to the experts! They can help you with anything that relates to your past taxes.

    But if you want to become creative, you can generate a lot of tax benefits for yourself for the future. Benefits of a nature no accountant would ever suggest, because they are based on your working together with an Offshore Trust you control yourself, and no accountant has learned anything about that in school or college.. Before you have any chance of understanding this, you have to know in detail what a Offshore Trust is and how it works. Please study this site carefully, or sign up for our free e-mail lecture series about using an Offshore Trust to protect your personal assets. Once you understand how an Offshore Trusts works, you can also figure out how to use it to your advantage when it come to reducing your taxable income! If not, we will help you with some inspiration... But sign up for those free e-mail lectures first, so you know what we are talking about!

  2. You can change your employment terms from being an employee to becoming an independent, free-lance subcontractor.

    Subject to your employer's acceptance, of course. This way, you are now legally working as a business - and that totally changes your possibilities! Please continue with "Protect your Business Income" in order to learn more about what you can do in this ballgame.

  3. You can engage yourself in personal business activities that do not involve other people or any form of employment.

    Speculating the stock markets, for example, or offering personal services of some kind you can market to others. Now, any income or capital gain from such activities will still be taxable income for you - unless you organize the activities from the base of an Offshore Trust.... Please continue with "Protect your Trading and Investment Profits" in order to learn more about this.

  4. You can become a citizen of another country, and cancel your current citizenship. Then, you can organize your life in such a way that you never stay more than 179 days in any country.

    This is called a "Perpetual Traveler" - and you will be exempt from paying income tax on any personal income you make. No country, except the USA, will tax its own citizens personal income tax, unless they reside in the country. "Residing" means "staying for at least 180 days", in terms of International law, respected by almost all countries. (US citizens are liable for personal income tax to the IRS, regardless where on the planet they live and where they make that income - so, as long as you retain a US citizenship, there is no such thing as a tax haven for your personal income!)

  5. You can organize your life in such a way that all your financial transactions are taken care of by an Offshore Trust you establish for the purpose of supporting yourself and your own life.

    An Offshore Trust can do many things for you - except where it comes to personal services, such as your job duties. But almost everything else can be managed through your Trust. When the Trust is established in an "offshore country", you do not have any tax liability for what the Trust does and doesn't do. Neither does the Trust. With your role being that of a legally independent agent for your Trust, you can achieve the financial freedom you desire. Please continue with "Protect your Privacy" to learn more about what this all takes.

If you want to make things simple and just establish a bank account in another country and thus hide your money from your government, you could be committing a crime by not reporting personal income you direct to such an account. This would be the case if you live in a country (like the USA) that taxes you on your global income.

Please don't break the law!

There are legal ways of accomplishing your objectives, and they don't cost that much money that saving the expense of doing it right can warrant making yourself a criminal...


If you do not yet have an attorney you feel you can discuss these issues with, you should seriously consider getting a membership of PrePaid Legal (PPL)! With a PPL membership that costs you less than a dollar per day, you are entitled to free legal advice on the phone and a host of other legal services that quickly will create a value for you that exceeds the cost of the membership! Please check the details of Pre-Paid Legal's incredible membership service before you say "no thank you" to such an offer!

If you do not have time right now to check our site you can sign up for having free information sent to you about Trusts and how they work.
Please go to the sign-up form now!

(If you don't, you forfeit your moral right to ever complain about your taxes again!)

Protecting assets and income streams you create offshore is simple and easy and does not conflict with any laws. (Yes, it takes some knowledge, but we are happy to help you with that.)

Moving assets that are already registered in your own name is expensive and bordering on crime, unless you exercise extreme care... (Yes, we can help you also with this, but it is not going to be cheap!)

It makes sense to plant the seed to your money tree in a protected garden. Trying to make the seed grow on a windy rock and then, when the tree starts to carry fruit, attempt to move it to a protected garden you now want to built for it is not very smart, to put it mildly...

Morale: The right time to establish your offshore presence is not when you have accumulated a worthy portfolio of assets. It is when you decide to do so.

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