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If you own anything in excess of what you can retain through a personal bankruptcy, you are vulnerable. What you own can be taken away from you - and it will be, if you cannot pay what a court of law deems that you should pay!

One single threat of litigation could make you consider accept an out-of-court settlement, just to spare yourself and your family the hassle, the risk, and the expense of fighting back. Such a settlement will easily cost you far more than what it will cost you to once and for all effectively protect your assets against:
  • frivolous and predatory lawsuits
  • judgments that go against you
  • personal bankruptcy
  • hostile divorce
  • liability claims of all kinds
  • black-mailing and extortion
  • creditors of all kinds, including the taxman.
Unless you can file for personal bankruptcy without it having any effect whatsoever on your ability to continue the lifestyle you deserve, you are inviting trouble - and sooner or later you will get it...

The main idea behind effetive asset protection is that you separate the ownership of the assets from your personal and professional liabilities. You need an offshore entity for that. If you own nothing, nothing can be taken away from you, even in the worst of cases. If created right and managed right, the offshore entity is not liable for your actions, so whatever assets it owns cannot be made subject to garnishment for any claims against you.

The few assets you can keep through a personal bankruptcy are not at stake. But everything else is. What exactly you can keep through a bankruptcy will vary from state/province to state/province, but is typically having a maximum around US$ 3-5,000 as the total value. Seriously, that is not very much...

Please be aware of heirlooms and other treasured artifacts you value personally, regardless their commercial value. If they are not considered "life necessities" for you, in accordance with legal standards, you could easily lose them for very little money, in case of a financial crisis...

Here is the outline for what you should do in order to effectively protect your personal assets and your financial privacy:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the offshore legal entities and how they work. If time is short, then do at least the Offshore Trust.

    For your general overview of what is involved in the international set-up you will need, you should check at least the following information on this site:

  2. When done, you should then sign up for our free information about the concepts behind effective asset protection and how you can use them to effectively protect your assets and your financial privacy.

    These free e-mails will explain to you what you need to do and why. Although the concepts in principle are simple, they also do take that you understand quite a lot about the law and the way an Offshore Trust works, before you stand to fully enjoy the benefits of working with one. Also, for the full protection of your assets, you cannot do this half-heartedly - and there is no way of reversing your decisions. It is therefore very important to us that you fully understand how everything works, before you go ahead and make some decisions you might regret.... So, if you haven't signed up yet for this free information, you should do it now!

  3. Contact us whenever you have any questions you need answers to. We shall be happy to help you with the answers you need in order to get it all established - with the features you need...

  4. We hope you understand that we can only provide information and tools. You need to learn how to use those tools in your own business before you will receive any value from them. We are here to help you with that.

  5. Once you have everything set to go for you, you conduct your affairs with due respect for the law, both in your own country and in the countries where you have your offshore entity established.

    At the same time, take full advantage of the possibilities it provides for the management of your financial affairs!

    The benefits you can achieve go far beyond simply protecting your assets and your privacy when you start to understand the true legal power of the concepts.

Establishing an offshore entity and using one to your full benefit is not without challenges, so please do not attempt to do so without having first educated yourself! You should prepare to discuss certain aspects of your use of it with your accountant and with your attorney.

The accountant, to make sure that you take full advantage of the tax benefits you can obtain by transferring assets to your Trust.

The attorney, to make sure that you are not causing any legal problems for yourself by doing so.

The good news is that it does not have to take a genius to use an offshore entity - it takes a person who is financially responsible, and who is open-minded enough to learn about some concepts that are not taught in any school, college, or university...

From there, it is a matter of sound money management and legal logic!

Did you sign up for the free information? If not, it is time to do it now!


If you transfer assets to an offshore entity in order to avoid the consequences of a pending bankruptcy, you might be facing fraud charges from your creditors! In most states/provinces there is a time limit for how soon after such an ownership transfer you can file for bankruptcy without having to reverse your transfers to avoid fraud liability. Please check with your attorney first if you are dealing with the risk of a personal bankruptcy possibly coming soon!


If you have a current legal problem or an unresolved legal issue pending a solution (regardless its nature!), help from the biggest network of sharp attorneys in North America is less than $50 away! Please check the details of PrePaid Legal's incredible membership service before you say you cannot afford to protect your legal rights!

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When you start your due diligence for "going offshore", you will most likely run into expert advice like this:

"First of all, you need to find the right jurisdiction for establishing your offshore entities. You must find a country that has a politically stable government and a sound financial infrastructure."

Well, this person is for sure not controlling any assets offshore!

The advice is based on a wrong paradigm: that you need to move your assets overseas in order to "go offshore". Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The assets that matter the most to you are most likely those you have in your own country! And that's where they should be, so you can control them, use them, and enjoy them!

The last countries on the Planet where you want your assets located are the countries where your offshore entities are established or managed from...

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