Adding a local Corporation as a subsidiary
for your International Business Corporation (IBC)

If you want to do business with your IBC in your home country and you have to register your business with your government in order to do so, you should seriously consider establishing a local Corporation as a subsidiary for your IBC. The local Corporation would be a "liability shield" for your IBC by being subject to all government scrutiny and holding no assets.

Although you certainly can do business in your own country with your IBC, it may not be desirable for you to do so. If you get your IBC registered with your government for tax purposes (business license, tax ID number, sales tax etc.), you are making yourself vulnerable to becoming a target for a tax audit. This is especially true if any of the government agencies you deal with want to know who the shareholders (owners) of you IBC are! There is no way you want anybody in your government to know that! Not because you are doing anything illegal, but simply for the purpose of not being put into a tricky situation where you need an attorney at your side in order to not create trouble for yourself when explaining things in a tax audit!

Your "local corporation" does not have to be very local at all. You should seriously consider incorporating in another state/province if you get more benefits from doing so. You definitely want to in corporate in a jurisdiction and under a form that allows you to maintain complete privacy around the identity of the shareholders (owners).

The prices (June 2007) for a corporation varies quite a lot from country to country and from agent to agent. The range for the government's registration fees is typically from $100 to $500.

You should add to this what you need to pay your agent, typically a minimum of $100 for "the bare bones", and up to $2000 for the luxury version you really don't need....

For a local corporation, you will further have these fees to pay, on a yearly basis:

Government registration fees $50-300
Registered agent office $200-500/year
Nominee Directors $200-5000/Director/year