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The additional information we have available on this topic is too comprehensive to display on this web site, so you can get it in the form of a dozen e-mails we will send to you within 3 weeks.

The information in this e-mail series is meant to give you a basis for making some diligent decisions about whether or not you want to pursue this issue any further. It will refer to crucial additional information which is not available to the general public, and you will get instructions as to how to access such information.

The e-mails will give you an idea of what concepts and principles are involved in protecting yourself against liability. The e-mails are in no way meant to substitute legal advice or in any other way to be taken as a complete manual for everything you need to know about this.

We accept no responsibility whatsoever for the results of any action you might take or not take on the basis of this information.

Here is the outline of the topics these e-mails will address:
  • Understanding liability and its devasting powers
  • What is 'liability' really?
  • The expansion of 'liability', as connected to reduction of freedom
  • Professional liability and business liability
  • How you protect yourself against this madness?
  • The generally known standard protection: Liability insurance
  • Splitting liability into separate areas
  • Move to a different jurisdiction
  • Operate through decoys
  • Liability protection for a private person
  • How REAL liability protection works...
  • What you should know by now
  • Making decisions

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Let's say you have some valuable jewelry you want to protect. You get a safebox in your bank.

The bank gives you the key to the box. The only key that exists.

You put the jewelry in the box, close it, and walk away with the key.

Question: who controls the jewelry? The bank who owns the box? Or you who is in possession of the key?

What would change if you were not the owner of that jewelry? You still have the key to the box. The bank still owns the box. But the jewelry is owned by someone else. Who is now in control of that jewelry?

Morale: Control of assets has nothing to do with ownership. Assets are controlled by the person who has possession of the key, also when that person is not the owner.

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