Using your IBC
- to your maximum benefit

In order for you to get the maximum benefit out of an IBC, it is paramount that you manage it indirectly, through others. If you assume any legal powers for it, you can seriously hamper your own ability to get the maximum benefits from using it. However, you can certainly work as a free-lance agent or consultant for it. As long as you abstain from taking charge of formal management, including acting as signatory for bank accounts...

With an IBC, you can conduct your business in complete privacy:

  • It is established in an offshore country and its existence is not on any public file.
  • It is not owned by you.
  • It does not have to be managed by you - you can appoint nominee Directors.
  • It has no financial reporting obligations.
  • It uses an offshore bank that does not report its transactions to anybody.
  • It will do no other business than what you want it to do.
You will never have to sign anything on behalf of your IBC. Your relationship to it remains a matter between you, your Trust, and your offshore bank - and you should keep it that way!

You might want to make yourself a Director of your IBC - maybe its only Director, if the country you establish your IBC in will allow sole Directors. However, for the ultimate protection of yourself and your loved ones, you are better off hiring other people to perform the duties of Directors for your IBC, in your best interest. This way, you can arrange business deals for your IBC without ever signing your own name to any dotted line....

Other than this, you operate your IBC through Letters of Wish to your Trust - and you arrange the business deals you want to engage the IBC in as its independent agent.

This opens several doors you might want to check out also, so you "don't leave any advantages on the table":
  • Protect your Business Profits
    You can organize your current business in such a way that you completely eliminate all income tax liability on all your business profits! Through the above link, you can subscribe to a series of free e-mails that explain how the concept works - and how you can find out for yourself if your business can take advantage of this.

  • Protect your Business Assets.
    With an IBC, you can secure your business assets out of reach of any creditor that could make your business collapse. This is the ultimate business risk management program!

  • Protect Yourself from the effect of Liability claims of all kinds.
    You cannot escape responsibility for your actions - but you can certainly make sure that a human error or a simple accident does not strip you of everything you own... With your International business set-up, you really don't need any liability insurance, unless it is a legal requirement for your business operations!

  • Protect your Privacy.
    With the current political panic and madness around using "terrorist protection" to strip us of our fundamental human rights to enjoy our lives in freedom, you might want to ensure that if "Big Brother" watches you, there won't be much to watch - and what possibly could be watched will not pose any risk of your being mistaken for a criminal...

Be aware that no International set-up with an IBC behind your current business will free your business from any obligations in regards to sales tax and property tax. You need to pay those on behalf of your business, as always. You also have to obtain all the usual licenses and permits you need for conducting the kind of business you want. Your IBC does not make you an "outlaw"...


When you feel you understand how you can benefit
in a completely legal way from doing business internationally,
you can proceed with:
"What you need for setting up an IBC"