Introducing you to the principles of freedom
- and how you get more information about it

Freedom is no longer something you should take for granted. Actually it never was....

If you are willing to trade some of your freedom for "security", you will end up getting neither freedom nor security. The only way to security is through freedom. If you are not free to make your own decisions, it means that someone else has power to make your decisions. Power corrupts. This means that you security will be "sacrificed" to the benefit of your "protector" - and when you have no freedom, there is absolutely nothing you can do about that...

How many examples do you want from history? There are thousands.... and not a single exception to the rule!

Privacy - and why it is paramount to maintain
(or re-establish, if you lost it)

There are numerous examples in military history of powerful forces losing to a much weaker opponent. It always happens when the weaker opponent retains one crucial advantage: invisibility! When fighting a much stronger enemy, the only thing you cannot do is winning the battle on your enemy's terms. You have to set your own terms. And those have to include that you avoid making yourself a target....

Why this is relevant for you? Because, when it comes to your freedom, you are at war with your own government....

Why go "Offshore"?

What we mean with "offshore" and "offshore countries".

Why you get so much more power and privacy by taking an international look at things.

Why your assets are much safer "offshore" than anywhere in your own country, and why you do not need to worry about this ever changing...

Things to consider when "going offshore'

Going Offshore is not for everybody...

There is conflict involved. The conflict is between your desire to exercise your freedom and your fundamental human right rights to make your own decisions about your life and how you want to use it - and, on the other side, what your government wants you do....

It is foolish to believe that your government will approve of your going offshore! The consequence will be that it loses control over you - and thus loses money on taxes you no longer are obliged to pay....

Doing your due diligence.

We strongly advice that you do consult your attorney and your accountant before you transfer all your assets to an Offshore Trust or Foundation! We put together a check list you can use to ensure that you do get the advice and the guidance you deserve....

Additional information to help you through the process of establishing and using Offshore Entities.

These e-books and on-line courses are not free, but they come with a full one-year money-back guarantee! They are highly recommended for people who prefer to avoid other people's costly mistakes.

If you want a fast and solid overview, in a logical and well-organized presentation, check the e-books.

Or maybe you prefer "live learning"? If so, check our Webinars!

If you want all the details and a specific "how-to" guide that coaches you through the entire process, you should check our home-study course.

Prepare yourself for the final set-up process when you are ready to make your choices and find out exactly what kind of Offshore presence you should have established.

Please make sure that you fully understand what you are doing!

Setting up Offshore Legal Entities is an irreversible process, and using it diligently involves a change of your financial lifestyle, so please prepare yourself well!

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