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The additional information we have available on this topic is not in the public domain. Access to it is restricted as explained below.

As already stated, this information will make no sense to you unless you already subscribed to either of these two e-mail series:
    Protect your personal assets
    Protect your business income
or otherwise educated yourself on what it takes to obtain control over an offshore legal entity without assuming any liabilities for its operations. You will know from either of those two series how you go about that.

The information on this topic of protecting your Estate is delivered in the form of a dozen e-mails we will send to you within 3 weeks.

The e-mails will give you all the information you will need in order to understand what concepts and principles are involved in protecting your estate. The information is meant to give you a basis for making some diligent decisions about what you need to take into consideration, what your options are, and how you go about putting your decisions into action. The e-mails are in no way meant to substitute legal advice or to be considered as such.

We accept no responsibility whatsoever for the results of any action you might take or not take on the basis of this information.

The e-mails on protecting your Estate will address:
  • Leaving a legacy...
  • What the government will do for you when you die
  • Your legal challenges - and how an offshore structure can help you
  • Establishing the offshore structure that is right for you
  • Allocating assets to the right offshore owner(s)
  • Dividing assets and entities for multiple heirs
  • Possible uses of Foundations
  • Developing a structure that can survive you
  • Making sure your desires are on record
  • Your will - what to include and what not to mention
  • Preparing your heir(s)
  • Summing up and making decisions

You generally do not need this information until you have an offshore structure working for you... However, if you have reasons to believe you need this information now, then you proceed as follows (all links open new windows):

  • Establish a hushmail account - if you have not already done so.

  • Make this symbolic payment with a credit card in your own name, so we can verify your identity.

  • Submit this affidavit to us from your hushmail account to our hushmail account, in accordance with the instructions on the affidavit itself.

We will then submit to you the specific instructions you need in order to proceed, so you can access this information.

From childhood, we have learned that, if we want to control something, we have to own it...

Nelson Rockefeller once said, "I want to own nothing, but control everything".

The truth is that the kind of control that is established through your ownership is the government's control over you!

What you own is simple and easy for the government to take away from you. By signing your tax return, you allowed the government to do this, without first obtaining judgment, in case there should be a dispute between you and the taxman about what you are supposed to pay in taxes!

Morale: What you own is nothing but the government's collateral for your compliance with the government's demands for taxes...!

With even the US government's tax experts being proven wrong in more than 38% of all cases where they have answered taxpayers' inquiries about tax laws, this is pretty scary...

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