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from future creditors

The main point in incorporating your business is the liability protection you achieve for yourself; in case your business fails, the debt from it cannot hit your personal assets.

But it can certainly hit all the assets you have sitting in your business...

However, if you run you business in such a way that it rents or leases everything it needs for its operation, it will not own anything - and will therefore not be vulnerable.

If your business is already owning significant assets and you find it advisable to retain control of those assets instead of selling them with a lease-back option to someone else, you can still achieve your goals of protecting those assets by having them owned by an offshore entity, preferably an International Business Corporation (IBC).

For this to work for you, you need:
  1. One or more local corporations to run the day-to-day operations of your business.
  2. An IBC that owns all the assets and rents or leases them back to the local corporations.
  3. An Offshore Trust or Private Interest Foundations the owner of the businesses.

In order for you to use these three financial vehicles to your maximum benefit, you need to understand how each of them works - and how you can work them together.

For the full benefit of this concept, you need an accountant who is skilled in corporate tax law where you live. You do not need an accountant who knows international law...

With your international business set-up, you have the freedom to move the ownership of assets between your financial vehicles in such a way that everything of value is accumulated in the IBC - and hence out of reach for any creditors your business might have.

Here is the outline for what you need to do in order to obtain the ultimate risk management protection of your business assets:
  1. Familiarize yourself with how the offshore entities work, particularly the Trust and the IBC.

    For your general overview of what is involved in the international business set-up you will need, you should check at least the following information on this site:

  2. When done, you should then sign up for our free information about the concept for how you can eliminate your business income tax for good, though an International set-up of your business.

    The principles you need to understand for tax elimination and assets protection are the same - and you need to understand the basic principles before the specifics about asset protection will make sense. When you are ready to dig directly into the asset protection and risk management topics, you will be prompted to do so.

    These free e-mails will explain to you what you need to do and why, in regards to the set-up.
    Seriously, there is lot for you to know before you can enjoy the full benefits of an offshore business set-up. If you don't know the specifics of the tools you are going to use to achieve your tax freedom, you will not achieve it. So, if you haven't signed up yet for this information, you should do it now!

  3. Contact us with any questions you might have, and we shall be happy to provide you the answers and to help you getting it all established - with the features you need...

  4. You need to understand that we can only provide information and tools. You need to learn how to use those tools in your own business before you will receive any value from them. We are here to help you with that...

  5. Run your business with due respect for the law, both in your own country and in the countries where you have your offshore entities established.

    At the same time, take full advantage of the possibilities in the concepts you have available!

    The benefits you can achieve go far beyond simply protecting your business assets when you start to understand the true value of these business tools.

Please understand that, although things might appear a bit overwhelming for start, then the principles are truly simple, once you understand the concepts. In contrast to what you might think, the amount of paperwork you need for running your business will decrease when doing it from an offshore basis!

If your current business is not incorporated yet, you can do it on-line at - their fees are very reasonable, and the service is great! Check with us before you order anything, so you can be sure to get corporation that is right for you!

You did sign up for our free additional information, right?


If you transfer significant assets from your business at a price that is less than market value, and you do so at a time when your business is in crisis, you might incur a significant liability as Director for your business, maybe even fraud charges! Please check with your attorney about this if you want to do it at a time when your business is in obvious danger of becoming insolvent.

We strongly urge you to make yourself totally familiar with the concept, so you can enjoy the full advantages. There are many expensive pitfalls in this - but they can all be avoided by taking the time to get to fully understand the mechanisms behind this concept.


If you have a current legal problem or an unresolved legal issue pending a solution (regardless its nature!), help from the most competent network of attorneys in North America is less than you think! Please check the details of PrePaid Legal's incredible membership service before you say you cannot afford to protect your legal rights!

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If you want to move funds to a business or an account you do not own (and thus has no personal tax liability for), then you have three possible options for your motive to do so:

  1. You can donate the money.
  2. You can invest.
  3. You can transact business.

If you live in a country where Common Law prevails, and you "transfer" money or other assets to an offshore entity or account that is not a charity, without it being part of a legitimate and bona fide business deal you can show signed paperwork for, you can expect your taxman to assume that you have a beneficiary ownership interest in the receiving party - which means tax liability on your part!

Morale: No matter how careful you were when establishing your offshore presence, you can blow it all away with stupid ownership behavior!

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