Adding Additional Trusts

With most Trustees, it is simple to establish another Offshore Trust in addition to the one you already have. You should get a significant discount on the price, less than half of what it cost you to set up the first Trust...

You do not need any kind of "layering structure" or "hierarchy" in your collection of Trusts, but if you have a Foreign Grantor Trust for start, it makes sense to do it (see below). You simply need one Trust per heir, so there is no disputes possible about which assets go where, when you die - because none of them go anywhere! They all remain in their respective Trusts, and for each of them, you have a confirmed letter on file with the Trustee to appoint the subsequent client after you.

A possible alternative is to set a Foundation. That is a far simpler way of administrating multiple beneficiaries, but is also more costly in maintenance fees than 3-4 Trusts...

The net cost should be no more than about $800-1,500 per additional Trust.

If your original Trust is established as a Foreign Grantor Trust, you should establish all additional Trusts with your original Trust as Settlor/Grantor and Beneficiary, so you avoid those titles yourself. Your Trustee will most likely charge the Trust a nominal fee for that, but it should be less than establishing each individual Trust as a Foreign Grantor Trust.

Expect a yearly maintenance fee of $200-500 for each Trust.