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The information you can get from us falls in these categories:
  1. Free information:

  2. Proprietary information:

  3. Specific research projects:


The fastest way of getting more information in a systematic way is by ordering our e-books. They are organized as a series of lectures that lead you to a solid understanding of the concepts and principles. They are thoroughly cross-referenced and easy to read for non-specialists - certainly not written by a lawyer! But definitely a good foundation for discussing your personal situation with your attorney. After reading those e-books, you will most likely be the one who knows most about offshore business...

Some of the information in the e-books is also available in the free e-mail lectures, but the e-books are more comprehensive and much easier to use as reference. Their main objective of the e-books is to have you understand the concepts and principles they cover, by including everything that is inportant for you to understand. As you guess, the e-books will contain information that is not available to the general public, and never will be. Our e-books are available only of a strict license basis, and only for people who intetend to use the information for their own personal financial benefit, by possibly applying the information as intended.


Our webinars are simply web-based live seminars. We conduct them in our voice/chat room, so you can pasrticipate through your computer's Internet connection. You may view these webinars as "enhanced teleconferences". You can listen to the voice of the speaker, sometimes even on web-cam, and, at the same time, view web pages, illustrations, videos, etc. as as shown by him/her. In addition, you can ask your questions through the keyboard, so you do not have to interrupt the presentation in order to not forget your question.

We have several standard webinars we run on a recurring basis, but we can also put together a specific webinar to your group of people.

Please check the room to learn about the details and to find out what we have sheduled at this time.


The most thorough way of getting everything set-up and organized for you to get the most out of it, is by ordering our on-line home-study course. It represents a practical expansion of our e-books combined, with all topics covered by extensive homework assignments that literally become your to-do lists for your due diligence and follow-through.

The course's main objective is to provide all the support your need for getting your offshore entities established, organized, and used to your maximum benefit - without having to make any costly mistakes on the way...

Occasionally, the courses are also offered as live week-long courses in a private resort.

Client education

It is a fundamental policy for us to not "sell fast sportscars to teenagers who don't have a driver's license". For this reason, you cannot get any offshore entities established through us and start working with them without getting the education we deem required, so you can benefit fully from your investment and stay of the right side of the border between "smart financial management" and "stupid ownership behavior", which can lead to criminal charges and major legal expenses fighting back. Through this overview of entities, you can get an idea of what we recommend you should condider. These standards cover more than 99.9% of our clients' needs - but, once in a blue moon, we might be presented with good reasons for something different, which we certainly can do too, if you accept the extra cost of it.

The fact is that the specific choice of jurisdiction matters far less than the specific choice of set-up! This is particularly true for US citizens, who want to avoid assuming tax liability for their offshore structure. We certainly know how to accomplish that, and we always get our clients connected with their offshore entities in such a way that there is no personal tax liability to assume, not even for Americans.

The specific "how-to", however, is strictly proprietory information, and we only share that on licensing terms that require a confidentiality agreement as condition for purchase of this information.


If you simply want to know a little more than what we can display on this site, then you should consider subscribing to our free "e-mail lectures". They cover almost the same topics as the e-books, but in a shorter form - and spread over time, so you get the information little-by-little over the course of about a month. They overlap each other to some extent, aiming at addressing different aspects of using offshore legal entities: In addition to the above main topics, all series will prompt you about your possible interest in additional information about
  • Protecting your Privacy
  • Liability protection, professional and private
and the series about Business Income will invite you to check out also extra information about
  • Protecting your Business Assets from future creditors.

Please note that these e-mail series are sent from an automatic server, at predetermined times, and we do not provide any custom-made deviations from that. If you are short of time, you can purchase one of the e-books, which more than covers the same information.


If you need any specific information, particulalry in regards to what exactly your options are for a personal solution to a challenge you face, then you are always welcome to discuss your situation with us, on a confidential basis.

Our consulting/research work is based on strict client confidentiality. We do not offer any detective services that violate other people's rights to privacy.

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