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Novasol Judicare Inc. is a private corporation, working out of offices in Creston, BC (Canada).

We assist private investors and small business owners protect their investments and their income sources through International diversification, by providing affordable education and cost-effective solutions, also for those who are less fortunate but serious about making a change to that.

Novasol Judicare Inc. is established to provide information and consulting services for business owners, private investors, and other prosperous individuals about how they can protect the results of their business and investment activities and thus enhance their contribution to society's prosperity and wealth.

It is the Company's mission to teach "ordinary business people" how to plan and conduct their financial affairs and businesses activities in complete privacy, for the purpose of achieving the ultimate benefits in terms of ultimate risk management and income tax elimination.

The Company is doing business through educating serious business owners and investors about the benefits and the possibilities for financial freedom that can be achieved through diligent and legal use of Offshore Trusts, Private Interest Foundations, and International Business Corporations.

We achieve our goal by providing the following services and products:

  • Providing free information about Offshore Entities and how they can be use for asset protection, tax reduction and elimination, Estate protection, and protection of financial privacy in general;

  • Selling e-books and reports, relating to the same topics, but for professional reference use;

  • Offering structured education tailored to specific applications, on an individual basis;

  • Establishing fully operational Offshore Entities (Trusts, Foreign Grantor Trusts, Private Interest Foundations, International Business Corporations), with additional accounts and features fitting individual purposes, so they can be assigned to individual clients;

  • Supporting our clients through the process of setting up Offshore Entities, ensuring that each client fully understands and exploits the potential benefits from his/her use of such entities.

Our e-books and e-courses are our own property, and we are open to making them available to others on a license basis.

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