This site provides information you absolutely need in order to understand how and why offshore legal entities can be used to protect your assets, your business, your Estate, and your privacy. Further benefits of having an offshore presence include: significant tax deductions for personal income, possibly complete elimination of income tax on all and any type on business profits, including capital gains, dividends, and interest payments.

The information on this site is subject to our disclaimer, and you must also understand that this information by no means is enough for you to make a diligent decision about how you orchestrate your offshore presence, or with whom. If you think that this part is simple, then you are most likely aiming for something that will turn out to be criminal. And if you think that anyone in their sane mind would explain on a public web site how exactly the legal details aer to be put in place in order to make things work so that you do not break any laws by doing this, then you are too naive to be a diligent candidate for "going offshore". No offense intended, but this is only for people who take their freedom seriously enough to be willing to work for it! And receiving a monthly paycheck for part-time slavery is not included in what we understand as "work".

All information available on and from this site is FREE.
Please use it as the knowledge resource it is meant to be!

Protect your assets from taxation and creditors, 
protect your business and investment income from taxation, 
protect your estate for your heirs, 
protect your business from bankruptcy, 
protect your privacy from snooping and reporting, 
and protect yourself from liability claims and frivolous lawsuits!
Protect what is YOURS
- to the full extent possible
by National and
International law!

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The solutions have been available for hundreds of years, but most people have the incorrect perception that this stuff is "only for the rich". It is not! It is certainly also available for the small business owner and the novice investor - and they need these tools even more than those who can afford to pay for everything they want.

This stuff is not taught in any school or at any university that is controlled by government. But it is vital to know for anyone who has a desire to get rich and not ripped off by their own government.

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Are you a worthy target for a predatory law suit? What could you lose if somebody sued you - and won?



Do you trust that justice will always prevail in court? Could you afford the appeals to obtain it? What if you couldn't?
Could you file for bankruptcy tomorrow and lose nothing? And continue enjoying the wealth you created?



Are you letting others snoop into your financial affairs? What about your taxman? The credit bureaus? Your enemies?
Are you still paying income tax on your business profits? Maybe even letting your corporate income being taxed twice?



Could you close your business tomorrow - and start another one right away, without losing anything?
Are you letting your government tax the capital gains from your wise investments? Or interest and dividend payments?



Would your Estate survive your death? Can your heirs afford the taxes and legal fees? Would your Loved Ones be financially OK during Probate?
Are you paying for liability insurance? Can you afford one that really will cover what you need - when you truly need it?


The key to protecting yourself and your family is to secure your assets and do all your financial transactions, business as well as private, through legal entities you do not own.

This site gives you an introduction and an overview of what you absolutely need to know and understand before you even think about embarking on any offshore venture.

The purpose of this free site is to

  1. give you an overview of the important technicalities you must know before deciding if "going offshore" is for you...

  2. empower you to ask relevant questions to the people whom you engage to help you getting established offshore.

Please note that the information on this site in no way can constitute a replacement of your due diligence, and it is not intended to be an instruction manual either. But it will teach you what to look for in that instruction manual before you make an expensive commitment you will regret...

By "going offshore", you can achieve all this:

  • The power to operate in complete privacy, in all financial matters.

  • Effective protection of your assets, private and business, so that it becomes virtually impossible for anyone, including your own government, to confiscate, garnish, seize, or in any other way take away from you any valuables as compensation for money they claim that you owe, as a result of any legal procedings.

  • Serious tax reductions, if not completely elimination of your business income tax and all taxes on your investment proceeds.

We know it sounds like a dream - that you can actually protect yourself against all those nightmares. But the dream is coming true! On this site, you can get the fundamental information you need in order to understand what is required for you to take full advantage of the possibilities that are legally available to both yourself and your business. This knowledge is not available at any public or private schools or learning institutions. All the basics are directly available here - or available for free in simple e-mail lectures you can get from this site!

The whole issue of "offshore" is very different from everything you have learned in government controlled educational institutions. The bad news is that, without completely changing your paradigm for how you control money and how the tools work which you need for this, you are doomed to spend a lot of time, energy, and money on the wrong things - or even end up in a criminal situation that could cost you a price that isn't worth paying... The good news is that it is perfectly possible to take advantage of the offshore possibilities, in a completely legal way.

Our free information will give you a solid base for making some qualified decisions about how exactly you want to proceed effectively protecting what is yours. Don't cheat yourself by leaving your assets, your business, your income, your estate, your privacy, or your sanity for grasp by not knowing what you can achieve! And don't be naive and think that that you can accomplish any of this by just "setting up an offshore account". You can't. It takes much more than that. In fact, "setting up an account" in your own name, no matter where or with whom, is one of the dumbest things you can do...

Financial freedom takes that you rid yourself of the legal obligations you have to report your financial transactions to your government. Your government has only one purpose for wanting this information from you: to tax you!

At the same token, all your most valuable belongings are on public records - which means that any creditor that claims you owe money can access them for garnishment! Taking into account that you are three times more likely to get sued than having to go to hospital, sick, and also that the courts are often extremely willing to award huge compensations for even ridiculous claims, you can never know when you will be hit by a predatory lawsuit - or what the result of it would be! But when it hits you, everything you own is at stake - and at that time, you could be liable of fraud if you try to protect yourself...

But there are legal ways of organizing your financial affairs so that they are no longer your government's or your possible creditors' business - regardless where you live. It is not complicated, and it does not take that you give up any civic rights. You do not have to expatriate or become a "perpetual traveler". It only takes that you learn what legal tools are available to you - and then go ahead using your knowledge! As you understand, you cannot wait with this till you experience the threats! This is urgent like life insurance - you have to do it NOW or risk everything you treasure...

Just to give you some hints, here are some examples of what you can achieve (please use the links to get to more information about the topics that interests you the most - they all open a new window, so you easily get back to this page):


We are not lawyers and not accountants, and your specific benefits from our information will depend significantly on your particular situation and how you use the tools and the knowledge we can provide.

Your car dealer can also sell you a great vehicle
- but he cannot guarantee the results of your driving...

We are 100% committed to lawful solutions. But only fools would ask for government approval of our solutions.

We hope you will use this site and its information to educate yourself about what you can do to protect what is yours - to the full extent of both National and International laws!

We make no claims that the information
on this site is all you need - but we do claim that there is no information here that you do not need, if you contemplate "going offshore"!


At some point in the process towards financial freedom,
we will recommend that you discuss your particular situation with your attorney.
You do not need to find one that is a specialist in International law.
You need one that can help you in your home country with any disputes
that possibly could arise between you and your government!
If you do not already have an attorney you trust,
we suggest you find one through this link (opens a new browser window):

Find a qualified attorney.

Too busy to study the information of this site now?

- or determined to get more details than what we can display on this site?

We will be happy to e-mail you more information, so you can digest it when it fits you. Please use these links to get the information that interests you the most (each open in a new window):

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These first four of these series of e-mail lectures are somewhat similar to each other, building on the same base, yet they focus on the specific aspects of different applications and will invite you to dig deeper into certain individual topics. You are welcome to sign up for as many as you want, as long as you are prepared for some of the information being partially overlapping between the series.

Note: we do not trade e-mail addresses and will not give your e-mail address to anybody else. Also: signing up for this information will not result in your being contacted by anybody!

However.... we do need to make sure that our information is not being being abused by someone using it for purposes that definitely are outside our intent, so there is a little sign-up procedure involved, and that sign-up procedure includes that you comply with our KYC rules and that you sign a warrant that you will not use our information for any unlawful purposes.

If you know what you want to protect, and you know your potential enemies and the possible threats to your wealth, but you do not know exactly what you need to do to protect yourself, your family, or your business effectively, then please proceed with:

What you can protect
- against what.

Guide to specific Protection Solutions.

Through this Guide, you should be able to determine exactly what you can do and should do to effectively protect what is legitimately yours! The Guide covers

  • protection of your business profits, investment proceeds, capital gains, interest payments, dividends, etc. from taxation;

  • protection of your personal assets and business assets from creditors of all kinds, including the government's tax agency;

  • protection of your Estate from probate, legal fees, taxation, and restrictions on your choice of heir;

  • protection of your financial privacy and ability to conduct your affairs in anonymity;

  • protection of your personal income from excess taxation.

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When you face an enemy that is significantly more powerful than yourself, you have three options:

  1. You can confront the enemy and get destroyed.
  2. You can surrender and become a slave.
  3. You can pull out of the battle field and identify new conditions for the battle so you can win!

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