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All these publications are subject to an unlimited, unconditional money-back guarantee: if you for any reason should be unhappy with your purchase, you simply tell us and submit your proof of payment, and will refund you the money you paid, even for a course you finished! We will not even ask you to return the materials...

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- when fast access to all the information is important, so you can quickly get an understanding of what this is about.
Why you would want these e-books: Our e-books are
  • truly educational,
  • structured in small sections, leading you through the logic step by step,
  • down-to-earth and easy to understand,
  • entertaining,
  • simple to use as reference.

They aim at making you understand the principles, so you can make a qualified judgment about implementing them.

The principles in offshore protection - how you protect your assets, your investment proceeds, your Estate, and your financial privacy.

"Making Yourself Financially Invulnerable"

A layman's outline of the principles for setting up and using offshore legal entities; what you can use them for - and what you cannot do with them; how you get the most out of them and how you avoid abusing them or misusing them. This e-book really contains nothing but what you absolutely need to know before you even consider "going offshore" - and it covers all the important aspects of the principles you need to use in order to obtain the full benefits of an offshore presence.

How exactly you can control assets you don't own - and benefit even more from them than if you owned them...

"Trusting the Trustee...?"

This is the guide to understanding how offshore control works, and how you must have your structure set up so you can avoid being screwed. There are enough scams around, and you do not need to be involved in one. This e-book explains exactly what you must ensure, when you "go offshore". It not only explains the concepts for how you can exercise your control without ownership, but it also gives you a detailed checklist to use when you connect with an offshore service provider.

It is meaningless to cheat on your taxes when you fully legally can eliminate them....

"Eliminating Your Business Income Tax"

This is the down-to-earth explanation of the little-known concepts all multi-national companies and rich people know and use. When you read this book, you will feel like saying, "so that's how they do it!"... The good news is that if you pay $200/month in income tax, it is financially feasible for you to do it too! It is less than 2 hour's easy reading that will change your perception of what financial freedom is.


- when you want all the details in a structured "how-to" form so you can do the things that are right for you to do.
Why you would want our extensive courses: Our Courses feature:
  • all the details you need to make decisions,
  • extensive homework assignments,
  • to-do lists for your due diligence.
  • specific plans for all practical steps,
  • complete guide for your financial structure.

We aim at helping you carry through with your decisions and the practical action!

The principles in offshore protection - how you protect your assets, your investment proceeds, your Estate, and your financial privacy.

Available as

"Setting Up Your Business For Financial Freedom"

Although this course certainly goes into details regarding how you organize a business, it also covers what any private investor must know about asset protection and investments, when you use offshore entities as the base - which you should, if you are serious about protecting your assets. You will find valuable instructions as to how to use Foundations and Domestic Corporations to secure your asset portfolio; how you protect real estate; how you secure your Estate; how you diversify your investments; how you plan for your future, including your retirement.

The thorough step-by-step guide takes you through all the details of organizing your business so that you will be the one who determines what income taxes to pay (and you can choose a zero...) and so that you can declare bankruptcy any time without losing anything! The extensive homework assignments even cover what exactly you should discuss with your attorney and your accountant - and when. With this course, you will know exactly what decisions to make - why and when!


- when you prefer low-cost live instructions and truly interactive teaching. These seminars are conducted over the Internet, so you can participate at home, in front of your computer.

The word "webinar" is short for "web-based seminars". These are conducted in the voice/chat room.
(Please click on that link for all technicalities about how to use the room.)

Why you would want to participate in these webinars:

Our Webinars are developed from our past teleconference and conference calls, which we have abandoned because of the complete lack of privacy protection. Our webinars are 100% confidential; nobody can snoop what you learn here! And they give many added benefits, compared to teleconferences:

  • No long-distance phone charges
  • You can ask questions during a presentation, without interrupting it
  • You can see what other people ask...
  • You can send private messages to other participants
  • You can view web pages, drawings, slide shows, and videos as part of the presentation
  • You can have the sound come out through your computer speakers

We have several recurring webinars, which you can expect to see planned repeatedly. They include:

Why offshore protection is neither illegal not impossible, no matter what your government wants you to believe...

"Going Offshore - is it for YOU?"

This webinar explains what is involved in using foreign legal entities, and what you must know before you make any decisions about using them. The webinar will specifically emphasize on the truth behind all the common rumors and myths; this will address why many people get into trouble when they "go offshore" blindly - and why it is absolutely possible and feasible to do it without any legal trouble.

How to avoid getting trapped in the taxman's ambush...

This is a MUST to know for all novice investors!

"Protecting Your Immature Investment - before it is too late"

This webinar discusses your tax liability and what exactly it takes for you to avoid it for investments you already committed to without taking care of the necessary asset protection measures. If you want your investments protected, you have to do it before they start to announce any payouts - otherwise, you will never get it done legally... Thinking that you can "do the offshore stuff later, when you can afford it" is based on totally false information that will cost you dearly, if you believe in it!

The traditional and still very valid basis of any offshore presence - effective privacy protection and excellent financial feasibility.

"Offshore Trusts - what you can and cannot do with them"

This is standard webinar which really everybody should take who contemplate "going offshore" through an Offshore Trust, the most versatile and cost-effective offshore financial vehicle you can get. When it is set up and managed right, that is...

You can find lots of information on-line that claims that "Offshore Trusts are out", "Offshore Trusts are tax-neutral", "Americans can no longer use Offshore Trusts for tax savings". Such statements are made by people who know nothing about this...

If you believe your investment is worth anything, we can protect it in an arrangement that calls for only 1/10 of the cost of an offshore entity, with an option of doing it for no money down at all!

"The Investment Incubator - offshore protection for people who are broke"

This webinar explains the principles in our Investment Incubators; those are excellent protection vehicles for people who cannot afford a full offshore presence themselves at this time, but they need their investment protected now in order to legally avoid the tax liability of its ROI when it starts to pay. Our solution to this is unique and copyright protected, and it can be set up in a matter of hours.

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We can also arrange for special webinars for your group of people. Please contact us to discuss the details of what your group needs.


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The solutions have been available for hundreds of years, but most people have the incorrect perception that this stuff is "only for the rich". It is not! It is certainly also available for the small business owner and the novice investor - and they need these tools even more than those who can afford to pay for everything they want.

This stuff is not taught in any school or at any university that is controlled by government. But it is vital to know for anyone who has a desire to get rich and not ripped off by their own government.

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We educate "ordinary people" about the benefits they can achieve by organizing their financial affairs through offshore legal entities, such as Offshore Trusts, International Business Corporations, and/or a Private Interest Foundations. By setting up your offshore structure diligently and using it wisely, you can use it to protect your personal assets, your business assets, you financial privacy, and your estate.

You can further use offshore legal entities to obtain significant tax deductions for yourself and/or your business - to the point of completely eliminating tax liability on non-employment income, if you so desire.

Used diligently, an offshore presence provides you the ultimate protection of yourself, your loved ones, and your business against lawsuits, creditors (including your government's tax agency), black-mailing, accidents, and liability of all kinds.

The principles are completely legal and do not call for your hiding or falsifying any information you are legally obliged to divulge to your government. You can enjoy the benefits, completely legally - when you know how to do it!