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International Business Corporations

- a brief overview of what you can get, in full privacy

For an International Business Corporation (IBC) to have any serious value for you, it must be established in a way that does not connect your name to it, on any government records whatsoever.

You need the owner of the IBC to be a Trust or a Foundation you are not legally committed to.
You control the IBC strategically through the owner, in accordance with the standards you have established for this with that owner, and you control it on a day-to-day basis through your relationship with the Board of Directors, which we help you set up.

With a trustworthy ownership of "your" IBC, there is only one person who will decide who is to know about the details of your connection with it: YOU!

There are many myths about establishing businesses Offshore. The US government, in particular, is doing a lot of advertising for the idea that it is "impossible" to gain any tax advantages from doing it - tax elimination being assumed to be the most common reason for people to use IBCs. Reality is that the USA itself is selling IBCs to "non-resident aliens" on terms that are very competitive to what US citizens can acquire in other countries!

The point obviously is that governments tax those they can control - and offer great freedom from taxation to those they cannot control....

The trick is that your government can control what you own. So you should not operate an IBC in a way that implies any personal ownership of it or that you hold any office as Director for it. Although this, at first glance, appears to make it impossible to control an IBC and benefit from is profits, this is indeed a very incorrect conclusion.

But no governments want you to know the truth! And the people who know how to do it right will not advertise how exactly you can do it too - they do not need any government harassment, but prefer to "do their own thing" in the privacy they enjoy and value so much...

This is why we focus on education. You cannot "just buy" any offshore entities from us. We want to make sure that, when you get control over your entity, you also know how to use it legally!

The Executive Summary:

In International Business Corporation (IBC) is really no different from a typical standard corporation when it comes to the way it is managed. It has shareholders (owners) as the investors/beneficiaries that make the strategic decisions and Directors to take care of the specific management details on a case-by-case basis, typically by hiring people to take care of day-to-day operations.

The true difference to a domestic corporation lies in the fact that an IBC, by law in the country it is established in, is subject to the following additional rules:

  1. It is exempt from filing or reporting to its own government any information whatsoever about its financial affairs.

  2. It is exempt from all and any taxes on its profits and revenue.

  3. It is not allowed to do business in its own home country (other than maintaining its legal offices and banking) if it wants to maintain the privileges above.

For enjoying the full benefits of running an IBC, you cannot be a shareholder or a Director for it - you must have other people to assume those positions. For shareholders, you are best off with a Trust or Foundation you control by other means than through assuming a legal office for such an entity. For Directors, you can hire them - and you can let them hire Executive managers.

The home country for the IBC matters very little for most purposes, except when it comes to special features, such as establishing a merchant account or doing business in areas that not all countries consider "moral", such as gambling and pornography.

Note: You have no legal tax advantages at all if you establish an IBC that is owned by yourself or by a business you own. You must have either a Trust or a Foundation established first as the ultimate owner/shareholder of the IBC, either directly or through another IBC. If not, you will be obliged to pay personal income tax on all revenue made by the IBC, no matter where you live...

If you do not have another offshore entity ready to be the owner of the IBC, and you do not have other good uses for either of those "parent" entities to justify the expense and effort of establishing one, we have a very powerful solution that allows you to defer the expense of setting up and running a Trust or Foundation, until the business can bear it!

However, we want to be honest with you about this: The only situation we know where it will make financial sense to start your venture without an owner of the IBC would be that you need all the cash you possibly can make available to support the business venture. And, in doing so, you accept that, in order to save cash now, you will end up spending more later, when the business can afford to get the ownership issue straightened out. So, it boils down to become a question of financing the business start. This goes for any kind of business that involves liability. Also a business that "only" consists of trading the currency market, for instance. But not a business that exclusively is based on purely passive investments with no liability. For that, a Trust is simpler and cheaper.

If you actually have other reasons for wanting to start with an IBC alone and not a Trust, then please let us hear about it! We are very interested in those reasons, because it will be the first case we will know of...

If you don't think that you truly have such other reasons, then shift your focus to a Trust now and make the IBC set-up an addition to Trust, either now or later. It is simpler, faster, and less expensive.

If your good reasons for choosing an IBC alone to start with still are valid, then, by all means, go for it:

Get control over an IBC now!

For a more detailed understanding of what an IBC is and how it works, please check this brief overview (opens in a separate browser window).

Here are some facts you need to consider:

  • By law in the country where the IBC is established, it has no obligation to report its income or financial affairs to anyone. (This means "no bookkeeping" and "no taxes"...)

  • You can use the IBC as a "second identity" to conduct business that is illegal or impossible for you to do personally. (Again, this means that you can get the IBC to issue you a debit card or a credit card, even if you just filed for bankruptcy, and the banks in your own country want nothing to do with you...)

  • You can protect your assets from all kinds of future creditors, including your own government's tax agency, by creating and executing an asset protection plan that involves the IBC. (Nobody can force someone else to sell their property in order for you to pay your personal debt, so when the IBC owns everything of value, you can declare bankruptcy without losing anything...)

  • You can access offshore investment opportunities that are extremely lucrative, compared to those your government approves of for public offering in your own country... (The government restrictions on what investments are allowed to be solicited to the public are huge - they typically costs $500,000 just to get started - and no promising business venture will spend that money and, at the same token, give away all their trade secrets because of the disclosure requirements of the Securities Commissions in just about all countries in the World... they go elsewhere for financing!)

  • You can use the IBC to invest in just about anything you want to invest in, including your own business! (This is how the big multinationals can end up paying no income taxes at all, without breaking the law....)

  • But you can also use it to capitalize on your own intellectual property, whether you have it patented, trade-marked or not! If you can define and describe your ideas, you can make tax-free money on them, by using an IBC.

  • You can use an IBC to raise capital for a business venture, without having to comply with your own country's strict rules for offering securities to the public (which is seriously restricted and regulated - and outrageously expensive...).

  • Your can conduct just about any business you desire through an IBC! You can use it to conduct manufacturing, wholesale, or retail; you can make it sell services or products, both tangible and intangible ones; you can conduct business on the Internet with it; you can use it to capitalize on intellectual property; you can use it as subcontractor/supplier for a domestic business; you can use it to raise capital for a business venture, on a private basis; you can use it to support your family or for a charitable or humanitarian purpose; - just to mention a few of the truly unlimited options!

Before committing to the set-up of an IBC, you need to understand that your government will not approve of your doing it in privacy. It will want you to report all income it generates as personal taxable income for you - regardless the licensing government granting it freedom from income tax and freedom from any financial reporting. Many countries try to make their own citizens liable for paying personal income taxes on income made by a foreign entity, established and operating completely outside its jurisdiction!

This is no less ridiculous than a demand to have you report your neighbor's income as taxable income for you! And it is actually outright extremely disrespectful of other nations' sovereignty...

If you are in doubt what you should check in order to resist giving in to such scaremonger, here is your checklist.

How you find out if an
International Business Corporation
is for you...

There is some administrative work involved for us in this - and we expect you to want us to protect your privacy. We also expect you to want to make an informed decision about this - and the information you truly need is simply not available from public sources. For these reasons, the procedure for getting the information you need is as follows:

  1. We do things one step at a time. First, we provide the information you need to make a decision about whether or not this is for you. The page you are viewing right now is a public page, and we expect you to be intelligent enough to understand that we cannot tell everything you need to know on this page (and if you find others trying to do that, you can rest assured that they won't stay in business very long...). Some of the most important parts of the information you need have to be kept confidential, so we need to know more about you in order to divulge that information: It is only available to private persons who want to take personal advantage of using it directly to their own financial benefit.

  2. Next, when you paid your symbolic "starter fee", we will provide you with the basic knowledge you absolutely need before you can make any informed decisions, and we will help you determine the jurisdiction you need, the structure that fits your purpose, and the set-up details. We do this with deep respect for your privacy, so nobody can track what kind of information you are getting from us. And we want you to be able to know what your particular structure will cost to set up. We want no hidden surprises for you.

  3. If this falls within what you can approve, you pay a down payment of $268 on-line to proceed, regardless your specific choice of jurisdiction and set-up details. This payment will lead you to the education you need for managing the IBC without running into personal liability issues, and to detailed instructions for how to proceed with the set-up you want. You will furhther get access to an e-book that literally is a detailed manual for how you manage the IBC without runing into trouble with the law in your own country. That e-book will also contain a dozen useful templates of various business agreements you might want to make use of. On top of this, we will follow up with you through encrypted e-mail and provide you with yet another practical tip every 12-20 days. And, if you need more, then we include in the education also 2 hours of private consulting per e-mail or phone, for the first year.

    If you can create a business income of just $1,000/year, this information will guarantee you that the IBC can pay for itself, as far as maintenance goes. And if you can create an income of $5,000 total, you have the IBC more than paid for, first year, in tax savings alone.

    If you already have an IBC and just wanted the education, you can, in principle, stop here. You have no obligations to go any further, and we will respect your choice if that's what you want to do.

    However, if the information you got this far demonstrates to you that you can do this in a way you will appreciate the benefits from, and you do want us to set up an IBC for you, then you should continue with the practical instructions to us, so we can get the right IBC working for you. We provide you with an extensive guide to use for making your choices about the details. And an easy-to-use form for letting us know what your choices are - in a way that does not compromise your privacy!

    The instructions will also include the details for how you submit the balance of your payment without transferring any funds to any "offshore" country (we need it as a bank wire or an International Money Order/Bank Draft - and both you and we need it in a way that minimizes the possible exposure and certainly does not relate it to anything that could potentially harm you). The best of this is that we will further explain to you how you can take full advantage of the tax laws in your own country in regards to this purchase.... If you expect to pay any personal income tax next year, we can guarantee that you will like this part J

  4. Finally, when we get the balance payment, we get things rolling for you. We will establish the IBC in accordance with your specs and provide you with all the information you need about it in order to start using it, including the agreements that need to be in place in order to facilitate this without causing you to incur any liabilities on behalf of this IBC. You are not obliged to use our services for the nominee positions you need, but you are welcome to. If you name somebody else, we will pass on the necessary instructions to them.

    But we don't leave it at that.... As indicated previously, we make sure that you get the education and the follow-up support you need, for a full year! And this is the case regardless of your chosen details for the set-up.

The essense of this is that you can stop this process at any time you want. As you understand, there are three payments involved:

  • The first symbolic "starter fee" to access the information we know you need in order to even decide if you are a candidate for using an IBC or not. We want you to make that decision, but we want to be honest with you about what the terms are, as dictated by government and International treaties...

  • You then pay the "down payment" for accessing the balance of the information we know you need or can make good use of, in regards to setting up the right IBC, managing it well, and using it well. You get all the "user manuals" plus one year's follow up with personal consulting.

  • The last payment is then to cover our work and our expenses setting everything up for you as you specified.

Once the IBC is set up, there are costs associated with management and maintenance. These costs vary from one jurisdiction to another, and they also vary with the kind of management you want to hire. The maintenance costs typically range from $500/year to $1,000/year. For management, you can check out our standard terms to get an idea of what you are facing. (Be aware that the prices in that fee schedule are in grams of gold, but we can always translate that to the current monetary value - it is just the simplest way for us to stay ahead of the inflation, particularly of the US$...)

We do not need any "official" ID information from you. No SIN or SSN number or any other public registration of your personal identity will be required. We only need your name and contact information - plus the legal identity of the owner. And we will use that information for nothing but making sure that you get the control of your IBC you want - and that the Director(s) will be able to recognize you.

If you do not understand why we do things this way, you need to check your checklist again.

Please note that we cannot and will not give you any kind of money-back guarantee on establishment of an IBC. The fees we need to pay to do it for you are non-refundable, and so is your payment to us! This is a major reason for us to cut the ordering process into several steps, so you can stop the process at any time, if the information you got contradicts your goals.

We can set up an IBC just about anywhere in the World, however, the best deals we can offer are in these jurisdictions:

  • Commonwealth of Dominica

  • Costa Rica

  • Panama

Our general preference is Dominica - simply because you get much more value for your money in that country than anywhere else. There are some minor limitations, though, which we will discuss in detail later.

If you have good reasons for choosing another domicile, we will be happy to give you an offer of that too!

The world is small, and we are constantly following up on where you can have advantages out of establishing an IBC. We know that Dominica, Costa Rica, and Panama are good choices, and we know that there are many other possibilities that might appear attractive, but really aren't when push comes to shove and all the details are revealed. So, if you are serious about wanting to investigate other options, then we will be happy to do it for you. But we do not want you to start spending serious money on that until we know that you are doing this on an informed basis.

As we will explain later, for all legitimate practical purposes, the jurisdiction of the IBC is extremely unimportant, compared to how you get it set up and how you do business with it and for it. You are not going to do business in the country of its domicile anyway, so any serious concerns about that country's "political and financial stability" is nothing but a demonstration of complete lack of knowledge about what is important here and what is not.

And, yes, you can find many alternative jurisdictions that are just as good as those we know well. It is like choosing a car. You can argue for decades whether one brand is better than another, but if the issue is for you to get a workable solution to your transportation needs, then you need only one car that fits your purpose... and you need to get it from someone who will help you keep it in good shape.

How you "order" an IBC
through us

First, you can't order an IBC set up through us... That's not the way we do it, for reasons already briefly explained. But, through us, you can obtain the exclusive powers over an IBC - it is just done in a completely different way, which we do not disclose without knowing more about you... The reason is that we do not want you to have to break the law in your own country, in order to benefit from an IBC.

There is some administrative work involved for us in this - and we expect you to want us to protect your privacy - which we are happy to do. You can confirm this by checking our privacy policy.

Also, we are not interested in putting our most crucial trade secrets on public display. And seriously: if you can find someone who does, then we will strongly warn you against doing business with them, as they obviously have no clue about the most fundamental principles everybody has to respect in order to be successful in this industry!

For these reasons, we split the process up into several stages, each of them providing you with the information you need in order to make a decision about going ahead with the next stage or not, as already explained. The final stage includes handing you over the reigns of an IBC. But, as we said earlier, we are not going to do that without first educating you about what is involved in your doing this safely and legally. For this purpose, we split the payment up in smaller installments, and we need to know who you are, for fraud prevention.

And, the natural question: "What does it cost?"

It depends on what exactly you need. And that means, which specific features you require the IBC to have, and where you want it domiciled. You should budget a total cash layout between $1,200 and $2,000, though, including education and all fees for first year's maintenance. If this is completely out of your possible range, then go here instead where you will find a solution that costs less cash up-front, yet still allows you to revert back to the same end result when your venture can pay for it.

How long it takes?

That depends more on you and the government in the chosen jurisdiction than on us.... We can do our part of this in a less than 2 days. But you will have paper work to do and payments to make, and things to read and learn - so a realistic expectation for most people is probably a month, sometimes a little less. We can, however, cut it down to just 2-3 days, but that will cost a little extra (typically 300) and it will limit some of your choices in regards to jurisdiction and name.

If this makes sense to you, then the procedure is as follows (all links open in a new window):

  1. You set up a hushmail account - if you don't have one already. Communication with us about these matters will only take place through encrypted e-mail.... We make zero exceptions to this!

  2. You make an initial symbolic payment with a credit card in your own name, so we can verify your identity. (If you do not have a personal credit card, then please contact us so we can find an alternative way of verifying your ID. There will be an extra fee for that - and it will cost you extra money for mailing/couriering documents to us, but we can certainly do it.)

  3. You send us this affidavit by opening a new e-mail in your hushmail account, copying/pasting the affidavit into that mail, and editing it as instructed, so you insert your personal information in all the places indicated. You will need your payment receipt number for this. Please check the affidavit now, so you know what you will be faced with, before you pay!

When you made your symbolic payment and sent us the affidavit, we will reply to your hushmail with further instructions for how you can access the information you need. Some of the instructions will be given in the hushmail, and some on a password protected page you will get access to. On that page, you will get enough information to make up your mind if this is for you or not, and you get to understand what your options are and what they cost and why you should choose them or ignore them. We are fully aware that you shouldn't do that on the basis of the information we give you on this page alone! But, the unfortunate thing is that the information you need is not suited for public display, hence this little extra security procedure with a symbolic payment and an affidavit.

If you do not understand why we do things this way, you need to check your checklist again....

Get access to the information you need in order to
make a diligent decision on this matter.

Let's recap what your benefits are from doing this business with us:

  1. At the end of this process, you get full control over an IBC - without assuming any legal liabilities at all, even if you live in the USA and other people tell you that you can't. You will learn about how exactly we do this when you pay the initial symbolic fee and submit the affidavit.

  2. We do not ask you to commit to anything, until you know what you are doing... and we allow you to cut your decision into several steps, so you easily can restrict the knowledge you need at each stage to what is relevant for the decision at that stage, instead of being overwhelmed with semi-correct or partially irrelevant information you cannot easily assess the value or importance of.

  3. You get the education and support you need in order to take full advantage of this IBC, including personal consulting. And our level of communicating these complicated legal matters is down-to-earth, just the facts you need, in a way you can understand and use.

  4. You get a very competitive price - if you can show us anyone who offers the same or more for less, we will refund you twice the difference!

  5. We walk our talk...

So, first decision: is this something you would like to know more about?

If "yes", then get started by accessing the crucial information you need in order to make the next decision.

If anything else, then please consider this:

  • How many hours of tedious surfing do you think it will take for you to find some idiots who will display the information you need, on a public web page?

  • And how are you going to know that their information is worth anything when they act that foolish?

  • How would you feel about their protection of your privacy when they are this stupid about managing their own business?

Just some food for thought....

Seriously, if you don't think it has any value for you to know what it takes to protect your privacy, your assets, and your business and investment income, then why did you even read this far?

The symbolic fee we ask for the crucial information is not making us rich - or you poor. Aside from barely covering our administrative costs, it makes it possible for us to provide the information you require, and to do so in confidence, because we get to know who you are, and we get to supply the information as we want: in privacy. In other words, because we protect this information, we can put things straight and let you get to the core of what is important, instead of stating the obvious, which does not give you the precise answers you need. There is no way anyone in this industry could give you those answers on a public web page - and stay in business! That's why you probably already experienced that most of our competitors remain so general in what they dare to claim in public that even intelligent people get more confused than enlightened by paying attention to it.

And if the information isn't worth the money we ask? No problem - we will be happy to give you a refund if you submitted the affidavit. We are not trying to screw you. We are doing things this way in order to avoid letting you down by withholding information you truly need, just in order to protect ourselves. That's not in your best interest. Your best interest is secured by accepting the way we do this as the best possible compromise between publicity and confidentiality. Honestly, if this offends you, then you are the wrong person for offshore ventures....

So, here is your diligent choice:

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