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Private Interest Foundations

- a brief overview of what you can get, in full privacy

For a Private Interest Foundation to have any serious value for you, it must be established in a way that does not connect your name to it, on any government records whatsoever.

We take care of all the work involved in establishing it
through Prosper International Limited.
You get your controls sent either directly
from the appointed Council or through us,
as you prefer.

There is only one person who will decide who is to know about your connection with "your" Foundation: YOU!

Foundations are the civic law countries' parallel to the common law countries' Trusts. Foundations are not as misused yet as Offshore Trusts have been - so it is easier to use them without running into hassles with your own government, as very few government have included specific reference to them in their tax regulations. (That is a matter of time, though - so do not rely on this alone...)

Foundations are truly powerful financial instruments for people who want invest and allocate funds in complete privacy. Foundations cannot be used for conducting business in the normal sense of selling goods or services on a repetitive basis, but they can invest as shareholders in International Business Corporations or Trusts that do that. There is hence no practical limitation on what kind of financial or other business you can conduct through a Foundation.

The rules for management of Foundations are very strict. But they contain some extremely powerful clauses that both protect your privacy and your control. As Protector for the Foundation, your name will not be on any government records. You will get elected by the nominee Council, and you will get undated letters of resignations from all members of Council. The Council members have a legal obligation to carry out whatever business you dictate - without ever revealing your identity. The Protector can, at any time, replace himself by appointing a temporary successor or another person to act in his place, and he can, at any time, appoint a new set of Council members. So, even if your privacy should get compromised, confidentiality can also be completely restored.

The biggest challenge for you is to keep your private affairs officially separated from the Foundation's affairs. You can interact with the Foundation as you can interact with any other business, and you can use the Foundation to enter into deals with yourself. There are never any problems in this from the Foundation's standpoint - because it is tax exempt by law. The problems are totally on your side - as you, as a private person, are subject to the laws in the country you live in.

This is a matter of knowing how to do it. Buying a car alone will not bring you far. You need to know how to drive it safely - and you need to know the traffic laws. We tend to take this for granted when it comes to cars - so why would it be to difficult to accept the same kind of concept for running your financial affairs offshore? Yes - it takes some additional knowledge of a kind you cannot learn in any public school or education system. But you do not have to be a genius to learn it - if you can manage a business or an investment portfolio, you can also do this.

The real trouble is that no governments want you to know the truth! And the people who know how to do it right will not advertise how exactly you can do it too - they do not need any government harassment, but prefer to "do their own thing" in the privacy they enjoy and value so much...

This is why we focus on education. You cannot "just buy" any offshore entities from us. We want to make sure that, when you get control over your entity, you also know how to use it legally!

The Executive Summary:

Foundations are legal entities with the rights to do business, just as a live person, except that they cannot engage directly in regular business that involves liability for products or services. However, unlike Corporations, they have no owners. They own themselves - and they can own corporations to conduct business for them.

As for Corporations and Trusts, Foundations must have live persons to make decisions for them. That's the role of the Council - which, in this regard, can be compared to the Board of Directors for a Corporation. Council is controlled by the Protector, who is anonymous, by law.

The Corporation's shareholders have no direct parallel when we talk about a Foundation. There are also no parallels to the Trust's Beneficiary. The Foundation can allocate assets or interests to certain groups of people or to specific persons - but it does not have to. It is a matter of what exactly the Protector wants to do with the Foundation - and it can change any time.

Before committing to the set-up of a Private Interest Foundation, you need to understand that your government will not approve of your doing it in privacy. It will want you to report all income from your Foundation as personal taxable income. However, since "your" Foundation gets established in another sovereign country and you do not assume any duties or liabilities for it, it is legally none of your government's business to snoop into this - not to mention extorting any harassment on you because of this.

Most governments will do it anyway, though!

If you are in doubt what you should check in order to resist giving in to such scaremongers, here is your checklist.

How you order
a Private Interest Foundation through us

There is some administrative work involved for us in this - and we expect you to want us to protect your privacy. For this reason, we need to split the payment up in smaller installments, and we need your signature for fraud prevention. The ordering procedure is as follows:

  1. You make your choice of set-up that fits your purpose best (see below).

  2. When you click on a link to place your order, you will be led to a page that will request only a fraction of the total price to be paid in advance. This is supposed to cover our administrative expenses and consulting fees - plus the information on how to proceed without compromising your privacy.

  3. When you pay this advanced fee, you will be led to a page where you will get specific and detailed instructions about how we do the set-up. You will get a receipt for these consulting services, showing that they are exactly that: consulting services (i.e. tax deductible, as we will specify what the topic for those services is in a way that does not compromise you...)

  4. You follow the instructions you get - very carefully. They will include what information you need to send to us and how you do it. They will also include the details for how you submit the balance of your payment without transferring any funds to any "offshore" country (we need it as a bank wire or an International Money Order/Bank Draft - or with your Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, or US bank account, as you did with the advanced payment).

  5. When we have the funds available and receive the information we need from you in accordance with the instructions you got, we will establish the Foundation for you and provide you with all the information you need about it in order to start using it as its Protector.

We do not need any "official" ID information from you. No SIN or SSN number or any other public registration of your personal identity will be required. We will do with your name and contact information - plus your signature. And we will use that information for nothing but making sure that you get the control of your Foundation you want - and that the Council will be able to recognize you.

If you do not understand why we do things this way, you need to check your checklist again.

Please note that we cannot and will not give you any kind of money-back guarantee on establishment of a Private Interest Foundation. The fees we need to pay to do it for you are non-refundable, and so is your payment to us! Please be sure that you have done your due diligence before you start the process!


Panama Private Interest Foundation,
administered by an Internationally appointed Council

This can be your "basic" offshore entity - excellent for asset protection and passive investments. Useful for Estate protection too. An excellent receiver of funds from International investment programs.

You can also use it as receiver of money you earn on commission basis or as free-lance consultant where you are free to specify the Foundation as payee - but not employment income. On-line affiliate programs are also great candidates for this.

You can use it as owner of an International Business Corporation you want to operate in privacy.

You can use it to set up Trusts for any specific purposes you want to pursue separately.

You can use it for all kinds of investments.

You can use it as owner of a domestic corporation, through which you can do real estate investment and other investments that involve liability (day trading in commodities, for example).

You can use its funds to pay for all kinds of expenses, such as maintenance costs on its own assets and expenses you incurred as its agent (what this entails is totally up to you to define...).

You can transact all kinds of personal business with the Foundation, as the Foundation, legally, is comparable to another person. You can borrow money from it (at any terms you specify), you lend money to it, you can sell services and products to it, and you can buy products and investment deeds from it. Just make sure you have the proper paperwork in order before you do it!

The Panama Private Interest Foundation comes with the following features:

  • Up to 2 hours free consultation on the phone in regards to setting yourself up for using the Foundation in a legal and safe way.

The total price is US$1,788.

The maintenance of the Foundation will cost $850/year, which will be drawn on the Foundation's base account by the Council.

Start the process of establishing a
Panama Private Interest Foundation
by paying $268 of the $1,788 now,
and the balance by bank wire transfer, as instructed.

If you want to combine establishment of "your" Foundation with learning how to use it to your full benefit, without running into legal trouble, we strongly recommend that you consider our Education Package 230 that gives you both the Foundation and the course "Setting Up Your Business For Financial Freedom" (at a discount), plus a significant extra tax deduction that more than compensates for the higher price (When you pay the advanced fee, you will also get specific instructions for how you can make a tax deduction out of the entire expense...)

Start the process of establishing a
Panama Private Interest Foundation
as part of our extensive home-study course
"Setting Up Your Business For Financial Freedom, version 230"
by paying $398 of the $2,188 now,
and the balance by bank wire transfer, as instructed.

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