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Need help with your incorporation?

Here is a brief overview of what we can do for you, in full privacy:

In many states/provinces/countries you have no privacy when incorporating. When you let us do it for you, you do.

We take care of filing what needs to be files with the govenrment of your choice, aqnd we will make sure that your name is not involved in that filing or in any future filings either!

We make sure that you get the legal tools to still control that corporation completely as you please...

There is only one person who will make decisions here: YOU!

As far as business goes, a Corporation is really an artificial "paper person", created by law in the country, state, or province where it is domiciled. This naturally gives the government some good reason for requiring some control, particularly over those live persons who are responsible for the actions of this "paper person". This protection of all of us against anarchy is truly noble. But many governments no longer stop there.... taxation is now, in many places, a main objective for control!

However, this government motivation for snooping is incompatible with the freedom you want. Building this freedom through the use of offshore entities really makes the tax issue for domestic Corporations a non-issue, as no smart business person with an offshore involvement would leave a domestic Corporation with any profits to tax anyway.... The main issue therefoer becomes privacy....

What makes us different is that we respect your need for control and privacy. Dealing with government is not always simple in this context, as the government does not want you to maintain your privacy - because it means "no control to the government over you"!

What we can do for you...

There are several specific challenges we can solve for you, in accordance with your specific needs:

  • We can do the incorporation for you, using your chosen Director(s) and Shareholder(s) and resident agent. If you provide this information, plus a reference to the State/Province/Country where you want the corporation, we will do the rest. You pay us for 1 hour's consulting services up-front, and we send you a PayPal invoice for the balance when we know what the government will charge for the services.

  • We can act as nominee Director(s) for you. This means that we accept acting in the capacity of Director for your Corporation (provided it is legally acceptable in the jurisdiction you choose). We charge a standard fee per year for that, the size of which is subject to the duties you want performed. These duties may or may not include establishing and maintaining bank accounts, for instance. The crucial point, however, is that we will issue to you an un-dated, but signed, letter of resignation, so you can replace us any time you want.

  • We can act as nominee Shareholder for you. This implies that we get to own the shares of the corporation - but we accept issuing an irrevocable option for you to buy those shares back at a pre-determined symbolic price, and we even make it so that you can assign the rights to buy those shares to a third party outside your country (this party should, for your own protection, be an offshore legal entity of some kind, like an Offshore Trust, a Private Interest Foundation, or an IBC).

  • We can provide you a resident agent in either BC, Canada or Idaho, USA, so you legally can establish a corporation in BC or in Idaho - and have your official legal address for it with us, so we take care of all official mail from the government to your Corporation. You can then use an official business address anywhere else, as you wish. This way, you can establish a corporation in Canada (federal or provincial) or in the USA (in Idaho - which is much better, simpler, and cheaper than the famous Nevada, but just not so famous...). Subject to your intended purposse of business and the services you want to provide, there might be some additional procedures to perform in order to get the local permits and licenses where you want the physical operations to take place, but those will be formalities, as long as you use the Corporation within the boundaries of the Nation you create it in.

Generally speaking, you can use our services as a "privacy shield", to any degree you desire and require. The true contral remains in your hands, as we have no legal interest in doing anything with your corporation unless it

  1. is dictated by law, or
  2. is dictated by you.

Please note the priority of those two: We will resign immediately, if you ask us to do anything illegal.

The practical reality of this is that we risk bringing ourselves into serious legal trouble, for no possible gain, if we would even try to do something you had not requested, other than sinple legal compliance tasks... We must, for this reason, have all communication with you pertaining to management of the Corporation in writing. Fax is OK, but we prefer encrypted e-mail.

Your big advantage here is that it creates arm's length's distance between the Corporation and you... In fact, this allows you to run a Domestic Corporation pretty much as an Offshore Trust! There are two important differences, though:

  1. Domestic Corporations are legally comparable to national citizen in the country of their jurisdiction, allowing them to do business within the Nation, just as a live resident.

  2. Domestic Corporations are subject to taxation...

For someone using offshoree legal entities as well, the advantages can easily outweight the disadvantages. (More details about this are available here.)

What does it cost?

Our standard fees are for the specific standard services, which you will find in this overview of our standard terms. In that document, you will also find what we charge for services that go beyond that. This allows you to use our services to any degree you want, ranging from the legal minimum to full management services for your Corporation. Most of our clients prefer to assume the majority of management services themselves, and we can simply provide for that by hiring them as CEO for the Corporation and issue the CEO any powers needed, including possibly the power to open and manage bank accounts on behalf of the Corporation.... (Be aware that the prices in that fee schedule are in grams of gold, but we can always translate that to the current monetary value - it is just the simplest way for us to stay ahead of the inflation, particularly of the US$...)

If you want to discuss your specific needs before making any decisions on this, please set up a confidential phone consultation with Mogens Eliasen. By following the procedures you get access to by following the link, you will be able to discuss your issues in complete anonymity.

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Mogens Eliasen

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