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If you ask your lawyer about matters that involve "offshore", you will get answers that are confined to your own country's laws. From professional advisors that are licensed by your government, you will not get any any meaningful advice in regards to how you can use International diversification to protect your assets, your freedom, and your privacy.

On top of that comes that those advisors really have no clue how the offshore world works! If they did, they would not very likely be doing what they do: working for a salary and paying their income taxes off it!

Let's face it: employment is not freedom....

Mogens Eliasen - 
your coach to 
personal freedom
in financial privacyMogens Eliasen's background and experience in the world of offshore concepts for small business owners and private investors is significant. You won't find many people on this planet that have a greater in-depth understanding of how "the little guy" can avoid succumbing to the powers of big government - and a great way of communicating it in simple and understandable terms to someone who is less experienced! International diversification is not only for the rich - it is for those who are serious about getting rich.

Although Mogens' heart beats for freedom, first of all, he is also very conscientious about the fact of your having serious powers against you; powers that will do what they can to to prevent you from escaping their control.

Why access Mogens Eliasen's knowledge and experience?

Maybe you are confused? You hear one thing from one source, and the opposite from another? Very common.... Sad to say, but most of the information you can access on-line, particularly for free, is of extremely dubious value! A very large part of it is either plain scaremonger - or outright incompetent speculation with no foundation in reality.

We must warn you: if you are into criminal action, you will get no support from us. There is nothing to obtain by breaking the laws - you can achieve everything worth achieving through legal means.

The only bad news in this is that the solution sometimes will call for quite a lot of work from your side - or investment.

The trick, of course, is to obtain your objectives for a minimum of sweat and money.

Having said that, you can also rely on us doing everything we can to support you when it comes to finding ways of avoiding having to comply with laws that are ridiculous or in outright conflict with good ethics. We are serious about distinguishing between "avoiding" and "breaking", though....

What topics are relevant?

Anything relating to offshore matters is relevant:

  • protecting your assets

  • obtaining personal freedom

  • securing your financial privacy

  • how to immigrate or become a PT

Yes, taxes! Or rather: how you can legally avoid paying taxes on your income and profits. Provided we talk about business income or income you make as investor. Tax elimination is secondary, though - it comes as a natural consequence of the other issues, because your financial affairs are conducted outside your government's jurisdiction.

Things that we cannot help you with...

Let's be straight about this. We cannot give you advice on any of the following:

  • How you can reduce your taxes in the past or present... you need to discuss that with your accountant or tax attorney. We can connect you with some sharp guys, though...

  • What specific investments you should place your money in... you have to consult a financial advisor about that. We can refer you to some, if you want us to, though...

  • How you deal with an existing conflict with your government. You need a competent lawyer's support for that. If you do not have any lawyer you feel comfortable with, we can highly recommend that you check out Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc..

Making an appointment with Mogens Eliasen

In order for Mogens to have a good starting point for giving you meaningful advice, he needs to know the relevant details of your situation. The procedure is this:

  1. You use the link below to place your order. When you fill in your payment information and the charge is accepted by your bank, you will be guided to a page where you fill in everything you possibly can to help Mogens Eliasen understand your situation. On that page, there is a guideline for what you should include - and you are welcome to include more than that if you think it could be relevant! The purpose is to make sure Mogens understands what is going on.

  2. You then submit this affidavit to us, either by fax or by encrypted e-mail (set up a (free) hushmail account).

  3. We will then forward the information to Mogens for his review.

  4. You will then get a Skype call or a phone call from him directly, typically within the next day or two, to set up a time for the appointment in the voice room, also if you live in Europe or Austalia! (Please note that no important matters will be discussed over Skype or over the phone, though, other than setting up the appointment!)

  5. You can expect the appointment to take between 20 and 40 minutes, depending on the complexity of the situation.

  6. We will always do a follow-up with you to make sure that everything went OK - and to know what kinds of results you obtained. (This is included in your first payment, so it does not get charged extra).

Maybe you want to know more about Mogens Eliasen, before you decide?

No problem. Here are a short extract of his core beliefs and his career/resume.

For you to have some idea of what direction the consultation possibly could take, you might also want to check this article.

What does it cost?

For submitting your description of the situation, having Mogens Eliasen review it carefully and possibly do some checks on it, getting a consultation with him via our voice room (up to 40 minutes if required), and getting a follow-up call from us is only US$ 87.00.

What if Mogens Eliasen cannot help you?

Well, those situations are quite rare - yet sometimes it takes more than miracles to solve a problem....

But here is our guarantee:

If Mogens Eliasen, from your description of your situation, does not believe that he can help you with any advice that can make a significant difference for you, we will tell you so - and your payment will be completely refunded, immediately!

If Mogens Eliasen's suggested approach to achieving your objectives and your serious attempts to follow through on the suggestions do not give any desired results, then you send us an e-mail explaining the situation, and we will either schedule a new appointment at no charge, or you will get a full refund!

Fair enough?

Yes - you have nothing to lose - we take the entire risk! If the advice you get isn't worth what you paid, it is free! (Do not try to get that kind of a deal with your lawyers - if you do, please do not be disappointed when they turn you down....)

OK then - here is the link you need to use to set up an appointment with Mogens Eliasen:

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