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Need help with a special project?

- a brief overview of how you get it, in full privacy

Looking for some competent help with a project that involves setting up offshore entities, managing them, or managing a project that involves interaction between yourself (or your business) and some offshore entities?

We take care of getting the information to you,
so you can make diligent decisions
about the work you need us to do for you
and we make sure that
you stay in charge and control all the way!

There is only one person who will make decisions here: YOU!

What makes us different is that we respect your need for control. Dealing with offshore matters is all about control. "Going offshore" doesn't mean "letting go of control". At least, it shouldn't. It really should mean, "controlling what is important - through the work of others."

The problem is often that you might not know what is important....

That's what we are here for! We will make sure that you always understand what your options are and what reasons you should consider for your choices. When working with us, we do only one step at a time, so you always can decide where you want to go and what exactly you want us to do.

It is really simple - but it is not the way most professionals work. If you are tired of having some advisors take control over you and tell you "what needs to be done", then you might like our approach that keeps you informed and in charge. We won't let you down. But we also won't make your decisions! We will empower you to make some diligent decisions...

As you will understand, we do not work for any government. We work for you.

You need to know that there is no way you will find from public sources all the information you need in order to make a diligent decision about involving yourself in this or not. We will be happy to help you - but we need a serious commitment on your side before you can get all the details that truly matter. For this reason, you will not get "all the secrets" until you made your first payment...

If you are unsure about what we are talking about, please check out our e-books

"Trusting the Trustee...?",

"Making Yourself Financial Invulnerable", or

"Using the LAW to Eliminate Your Business Income Tax"
- they will explain the details of what you minimum need to know in order to get full value of these services....

The Executive Summary:

Please select among the following options for your consulting needs:


Prepare a voice consultation
with Mogens Eliasen

In order for you to get the most out of Mogens Eliasen's time and your money, you will be directed to an online form after your payment, so you can submit to us a brief outline of the situation you want to discuss - and do so in complete privacy.

You will be required to submit to us this affidavit - just making sure that our information stays between you and us.

Once Mogens Eliasen has had a chance to review the situation and we received your affidavit, you will get an e-mail with some suggested times for the call. The e-mail will also outline the main agenda for the call, so you can be prepared too.

You can expect the call to be 20-40 minutes, subject to the situation. If the subject is too complex for a voice consultation, you will be notified, and we will suggest a more relevant alternative.

In order to proceed, you will find the detailed instructions here.

Please note that we will not discuss sensitive matter over the phone, particularly not with US residents. You can also forget about using Skype - it is not secure. The way we do this is by arranging a one-on-one webinar with you. For this, you need to prepare yourself technically, and you need to get the details about that from this page (opens in separate windown).


Engaging Novasol Judicare Inc.
in management of a specific project

For consulting work that goes beyond giving advice on the phone, you can hire us. For your own protection, we need to first have an idea of what kind of work you need to have done - and what your limitations are, in terms of time and resources. You also need to have confidentiality agreement signed by us. All this is done by you printing out this form and faxing it to us. We will then sign it and return it to you when we agree to accept the assignment.

The work we can do for you includes:

  • Research and investigations of options, including obtaining legal advice;

  • Organizing and coordinating projects that involve other people;

  • Negotiating deals.


Hiring Novasol Judicare Inc.
for on-going management services

When your IBC or domestic corporation can benefit from a management presence in the USA, Canada, Germany, or Denmark, we can be of assistance. We do not recommend hiring us as Directors for your IBC without also setting up a mailing address in another country, as it would jeopardize the IBC's legal immunity against getting sued. But, for a domestic corporation, it deosn't really matter. For just about anything else, including all important management functions, you (or your IBC Directors) can hire us as "chief executive" who is authorised to deal with customers and suppliers, as desired by you. You can check out our standard terms - but we can, in principle, negotiate just about anything that represents a win-win for both parties. (Be aware that the prices in that fee schedule are in grams of gold, but we can always translate that to the current monetary value - it is just the simplest way for us to stay ahead of the inflation, particularly of the US$...)

The work we can do for you in this realm includes:

  • Executive management functions for your IBC or domestic corporation, including preparation, negotiation, and/or administration of contracts;

  • Services as Agent or nominee Director;

  • Invoicing of customers/clients;

  • Account management;

  • Other tasks as agreed.

The assignment can very well include an obligation to subcontract yourself or someone you specify to do take care of certain responsibilities within a specified authority. Your big advantage here is that it creates arm's length's distance between the IBC and you...

For such on-going management services, you will generally receive from us an un-dated letter of resignation - which means that you can fire us any time, with immediate effect.


Make a payment for management
and consulting services

Please choose the amount you want to pay and click on it. Your receipt will show "Management and consulting services", and the receipt will show both the number of hours and the amount.

0.5 hour @ US$95.00 = US$47.50 3 hours @ US$95.00 = US$285.00
1 hour @ US$95.00 = US$95.00 3.5 hours @ US$95.00 = US$332.50
1.5 hours @ US$95.00 = US$142.50 4 hours @ US$95.00 = US$380.00
2 hours @ US$95.00 = US$190.00 4.5 hours @ US$95.00 = US$432.50
2.5 hours @ US$95.00 = US$237.50 5 hours @ US$95.00 = US$475.00

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Mogens Eliasen

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