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Client Identification

Thank you for your willingness to identify yourself. In order for us to prevent that our information gets into the hands of criminals or other people whom it is not intended for, we appreciate your intent to verify your identity.

There are two ways of doing this:

  1. You make an online payment with a credit card in your own personal name.

  2. You have a notarized copy of your ID sent to us together with a money order.

You make the choice.

In either case, we further need you to print out, fill in, and sign this affidavit.

We are fully aware that the first option is both faster and cheaper, but we are also aware that not all clients have a personal credit card they can use for this.

On-line verification

If you prefer to do the online payment verification, then proceed with making a symbolic payment of US$ 10.00 in order to verify your identity through your credit card. (The link opens a new page, so you can simply close the payment page when you have got your receipt number, and you will be back to this page.)

When done, please keep your receipt, and use the information from it in the affidavit.

You can send the affidavit to us by mail, by fax, or by hushmail, as you prefer.

Off-line verification

If you prefer to use the off-line procedure, then you print out the affidavit and fill it in. You then make a copy of your passport (including the picture).

You then have both your signature on the affidavit and on the copy of your passport verified and sealed by a notary.

You include a money order in the amount of what you wanted to purchase, adding US$10 to the amount owing, to cover our administrative costs. (Please note that checks, of any kind, are not accepted as legitimate payment!)

You finally mail both documents and your payment to us, preferable as Priority Mail (US), Registered Mail, or some other way that allows both you and us to track the mailing.

Remember that we do not take any action on this until we see both your ID verification and your affidavit! If you do not submit the affidavit, you will not hear back from us. And, if your payment does not confirm your identity (for instance in the case of you using a corporate credit card in the name of your business, or you use someone else's credit card), then we will ignore your application.

Again, this is not done in an attempt to annoy you or harass you, but it truly is for the protection of all our clients, including you. We appreciate your understanding.

To your freedom!

Novasol Judicare Inc.

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